Neil’s Tours – UK FARM STRIPS Vol-21


Publisher: Neil’s Tours
Date Added: March-8-2022
Version: 1.0
File Size: 1.47 GB

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     UK FARM STRIPS Vol-21
1/ Frinstead-Airfield AG804
2/ Hold-Farm AG115
3/ Holly-Hill-Farm AG820
4/ Home-Farm-Warwickshire AG116
5/ Homestead-Farm AG118
6/ Hopkiln-Farm AG119
7/ Hutton-Grange AG819
8/ Ings-Farm-Airstrip AG831
9/ Kirknewton-Airstrip EGKW
10/ Knoll-Airstrip AG218
11/ Kylarrick-House SCO21
12/ Laddingford-Airstrip EGQC
13/ Laindon-Airstrip AG989
14/ Lamberhurst-Farm-Airfield AG822
15/ Lempitlaw-Airstrip AG826
16/ Lennox-Plunpton SCO7
17/ Little-Snoring EGIK
18/ Mill-Farm-Hughley EGQZ
19/ Newry-Private-Airstrip EI186
20/ North-Hill-Glider-Field AG828
Achnasheen-Airfield EGYQ
Ashleys-Field AG518
Bedlands EGPV
Beeches-Farm EGVI
Frandley-House AG802
Hughley-Airstrip EGQZ
Lotmead-Airstrip GB085
Yearby-Airstrip EGRC
All of these strips do exist but are just artistic licence.
Placing the folders into your community folder has no
detrimental effect on loading or running no matter what
anyone says, from day one I have never had a problem, but it
will take a little longer to load.
Most of these farm strips have undulating runways so to
maintain realism I have had to move many of the actual
runways and hide them otherwise they tend to flatten the
fields, so ignore any airfield information in the start-up screen.
The Scottish Airstrips starting with SCO, the O is a letter O
not a zero.
Create a temp folder unzip the downloaded file into the temp folder.
If you use my farm strip files I recommend creating a new community folder,
renaming your original folder community-org, then copy all the downloaded files
into the new community folder. Copy across any aircraft or other files you use.
This way you keep all my files separated.
Simply remove the files from your community folder

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