Neil’s Tours – UK Farm Strips – Vol 2 for MSFS


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Here we have another comprehensive collection of small grass strips for people who love “Real Flying”! The fields cover virtually the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, offering you a fantastic variation of flights.

This latest version of Flight Simulator is ideal for VFR navigation and due to the amount of vegetation and buildings, as in real life it makes the strips sometimes very difficult to find and you rely on pin point navigation, remember most times you are looking for a grass strip in the middle of a thousand fields! I strongly suggest you turn off any aids as this is only cheating and you will learn nothing. Some of the airfield codes are fictional. Most airfields have a parking spot.

Included Airfields

  1. Abbots Bromley EGRG
  2. Abergavenny EGAG
  3. Ashcroft EGOR
  4. Banbury EGIY
  5. Baxterley AG103
  6. Beccles EGSM
  7. Black Mountains Gliding Club AG102
  8. Bonnington AG105
  9. Brookfield AG106
  10. Bute EGRT
  11. Castle Kennedy EGUZ
  12. Caunton EGUC
  13. Causeway EGBA
  14. Coal Aston EGCA
  15. Coll EGEL
  16. Cromer EGCU
  17. Crowfield EGSO
  18. Cuckoo Tye Farm EGLO
  19. Cuddesdon AG108
  20. Currock Hill AG107
  21. Damyns EGML

Along with the scenery you also get a 59 page guide book in PDF format. The guide includes information on all the fields, including written details, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy the scenery.


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