Neil’s Tours – UK Farm Strips – Vol 15 for MSFS


Publisher: Neil’s Tours
Date Added: Jul-06-2021
Version: 1.0
File Size: 165 MB

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This volume is totally free to all users of Neil’s Farm Strips. There are a few new ones and some updated ones where I bought a lawn mower and have managed to mow the grass.

Here we have another 21 farm strips. Most are updates to existing fields but a few new ones are included. Most of the airfields are artistic licence and are not meant to represent the real buildings. I have provided a parking spot at all of the fields. As MSFS has progressed I am even more convinced that this simulation when the few problems with the heavy metal have been ironed out will eventually go on to be No. 1 for many years to come.

Note Important

You need to download the Model Library separately.

As the airfields increase in custom built models (as it was the FSX) so does the program size. I am unable at this time to place the models any other way than in your community folder because a lot of the models are used multiple times, if you have purchased earlier volumes of my work then you will already have most of my models. The bonus is if you design scenery yourself you have my permission to use them, Please let me know is all I ask.

Included Airfields

(N) new (U) updated

  1. Berrier (U) EGPQ
  2. Currock Hill (U) AG107
  3. Felixkirk (U) EGUQ
  4. Egton (U) EGXX
  5. Grovesend (N) AG100
  6. Hollym (U) AG95
  7. Hollym2 (U) AG96
  8. Hornby Hall (U) AG127
  9. Ince (U) EGIC
  10. Knitsley Mill (N) AG222
  11. Landaulph (N) AG98
  12. Llandegla (U) EGMW
  13. Nantclwyd (U) EGRU
  14. Peterlee (U) EGUK
  15. Rendcomb (N) AG99
  16. Rhos Y Gilwen (U) AG212
  17. Roshirwaun (U) AG154
  18. Sandhill (N) EGUG
  19. Tudweiliog (U) AG155
  20. Yearby (U) EGRC

Along with the scenery you also get an 18 page guide book in PDF format. The guide includes information on the fields, including written details, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy the scenery.


Note that you will need to download and install two files, one being the actual scenery specific to this volume, and the other 3D models common to this and other volumes. Follow the instructions in the PDF file to install.

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