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For lovers of grass strip flying here we have a comprehensive package from all around the UK. Designed for real and armchair pilots and is for challenging and improving your flying/navigational skills. If you’re a real pilot, thanks to the excellent Bing scenery you can fly there before returning in real life.

The airfields have been designed using mainly default objects and are built purely for fun. I have also taken the liberty of placing end numbers on some of the fields that are particularly difficult to find. Some of the airport codes are fictional.

This bundle includes UK Farm Strips vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4.

Included Airfields In Vol 1

  1. Allensmore
  2. Arclid
  3. Ashley’s Field
  4. Audley End
  5. Bakersfield
  6. Bedlands Gate
  7. Beeches Farm
  8. Bennington
  9. Berrier
  10. Berrow
  11. Binstead
  12. Blooms Farm
  13. Boughton North
  14. Bourne Park
  15. Bowland Fell Gliding Club
  16. Bowldown
  17. Braintree
  18. Brimpton
  19. Brook Farm
  20. Cae Mawr Tydden Hen
  21. Calton Moor
  22. Carr Valley
  23. Chilsfold
  24. Chirk
  25. Clacton
  26. Cockerham
  27. Crooke Farm
  28. Curry Rivel
  29. Deal
  30. Egton
  31. Elstree
  32. Felixkirk
  33. Freshwater
  34. Glassonby
  35. Glensanda
  36. Haywood
  37. Hollym
  38. Hook
  39. Horsey
  40. Houghton
  41. Ince
  42. Kingfisher’s Bridge
  43. Lumb in Rossendale
  44. Lundy
  45. Newton Pevril
  46. New York
  47. Northiam
  48. North Moor
  49. Oban
  50. Orchard House
  51. Over Farm

Included Airfields In Vol 2

  1. Abbots Bromley EGRG
  2. Abergavenny EGAG
  3. Ashcroft EGOR
  4. Banbury EGIY
  5. Baxterley AG103
  6. Beccles EGSM
  7. Black Mountains Gliding Club AG102
  8. Bonnington AG105
  9. Brookfield AG106
  10. Bute EGRT
  11. Castle Kennedy EGUZ
  12. Caunton EGUC
  13. Causeway EGBA
  14. Coal Aston EGCA
  15. Coll EGEL
  16. Cromer EGCU
  17. Crowfield EGSO
  18. Cuckoo Tye Farm EGLO
  19. Cuddesdon AG108
  20. Currock Hill AG107
  21. Damyns EGML

Included Airfields In Vol 3

  1. Aughrim EGZG
  2. Boulmer AG121
  3. Cobbs Cross AG120
  4. Darley Moor EGMY
  5. Dornoch EGZP
  6. East Durham AG109
  7. Easterton EGJL
  8. East Lochlane EGFV
  9. Fair Isle EGEF
  10. Glenswinton EGDW
  11. Hanley-William AG112
  12. Harling AG111
  13. Insch EGIV
  14. London Gliding Club
  15. Long Crendon AG113
  16. Otterburn AG122
  17. Oxenhope EGOX
  18. Park Farm AG88
  19. Peartree Farm EGYX
  20. Pymore AG79

Included Airfields In Vol 4

  1. Bucknall EGWZ
  2. Elan Valley AG125
  3. Fadmoor EG19
  4. Green Acres AG129
  5. Hollym AG126
  6. Hornby Hall AG127
  7. Kilkerran AG128
  8. Lelant AG130
  9. Llandegla EGMW
  10. Lower Botrea AG131
  11. Mount Airey EGFJ
  12. Mount Rule EGZW
  13. Nantclwyd EGNF
  14. Peterlee EGUK
  15. Porthtowan EGTM
  16. Sherlowe EGWG
  17. Skirwith AG132
  18. Slinfold AG97
  19. Tresco AG124
  20. Truro EGHY

Along with each volume you also get a detailed guide book in PDF format. The guide includes information on all the fields, including written details, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy the scenery.

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.

Please note that as a bundle you are actually purchasing several products which must each be downloaded and installed individually.


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