Neil’s Tours – UK Farm Strips Compilation for MSFS


Publisher: Neil’s Tours
Date Added: Mar-31-2022
Version: 1.0
File Size: 3 GB

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You can download all of these fields free separately if you have the time. However for a small service charge I have a collection of 53 UK Farm strips for you to download as a complete collection.

To Install

Simply unzip the downloaded file either into your community folder or into a temporary folder and move ALL the files into your community folder.

To Uninstall

Simply remove the files from your community folder.

UK Farm Strips Included

  1. Alscot
  2. Bidford
  3. Blair Atholl
  4. Bolthead
  5. Clees Hall
  6. Crosbie Field
  7. Culbokie
  8. Deeside Gliding
  9. Earwig Farm
  10. Easter Airfield
  11. Elmsett
  12. Fair Isle
  13. Furze Farm
  14. Great Oakley
  15. Green Acres
  16. Hall Farm
  17. Hamilton House
  18. High Flatts Farm
  19. Holmbeck
  20. Horham
  21. Hulcote Farm
  22. Inglesham
  23. Keyston
  24. Knockbain
  25. Knockrome
  26. Landmead
  27. Linton
  28. Little Atherfield
  29. Loch Tay
  30. Lottmead
  31. March Paramotors
  32. Mepershall
  33. Naps Field
  34. Park Farm
  35. Pauncefoot
  36. Peplow
  37. Peter Hall
  38. Rhydinghurst
  39. Ringstead
  40. Sandown
  41. Shackwell
  42. St. Michael’s
  43. Stockbridge
  44. Stones Farm
  45. Thornhill
  46. Thurrock
  47. Topcroft
  48. Waits Farm
  49. White Fen Farm
  50. Winwick
  51. Wold Lodge
  52. Woonton
  53. Yafford

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