Neil’s Tours – UK Farm Strips Compilation 2 for MSFS


Publisher: Neil’s Tours
Date Added: May-19-2022
Version: 1.0
File Size: 4.3 GB

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Some of these strips are new additions some are updated and modified, some have just had the strips mowed.

You can download some of these fields free separately if you have the time. However for a small service charge I have a collection of 50 UK Farm strips for you to download as a complete collection.

UK Farm Strips Included

  1. Abergavenny EGAG
  2. Arclid EGRH
  3. Barling EGIE
  4. Beccles EGSM
  5. Curry Rivel AG76
  6. Chilworth AG171
  7. Decoy EGGX
  8. Droitwich EG40
  9. East Winch EGDS
  10. Englefield EGYJ
  11. Firs Farm EGYK
  12. Forwood Farm EGXM
  13. Foston Airstrip AG967
  14. Glebe-Airstrip EGYL
  15. Glenforsa EG13
  16. Grateley Drove EGWB
  17. Grove Farm EGRE
  18. Gutchpool EGMP
  19. Hampstead Norrys GB789
  20. Harpsden AG126
  21. Hatchgate Farm AG917
  22. Headon Microlight EGVY
  23. Hinderclay Meadows GB08
  24. Jubilee Farm EGMB
  25. Knettishall AG973
  26. Lambley Airstrip AG962
  27. Langdale-End AG148
  28. Latch Farm EGIF
  29. Main Hall EGQN
  30. Measham Cottage EGMS
  31. Napps Field AGEG
  32. Navestock AG151
  33. North Denes GB086
  34. North-Moor AG84
  35. Oaklands EGUJ
  36. Pointon AG963
  37. Poplars-Farm EGQV
  38. Redlands EGWB
  39. Rivar Hill EGZN
  40. Ross Airstrip AG960
  41. Saltby EGZE
  42. Sherlowe EGWG
  43. Stoney Lane EGEU
  44. Talybont EGUI
  45. Tudweiliog AG155
  46. Ventfield AG196
  47. Whittles-Farm AG815
  48. Willingale EGJQ
  49. Windrush AG961
  50. Wishangar EGIX

To Install

There are two zip files containing airfields ( and models (

Unzip the airfields file to a temporary folder. Apart from new airfields this download also includes updates to some existing airfields. Move ALL the folders into your Community folder. You MUST overwrite if asked otherwise you won’t see the updated fields.

Unzip the models file into a temporary folder then move ALL the folders across into your Community folder, no need to overwrite any of the folders if asked.

To Uninstall

Simply remove all my folders from your Community folder.

All files © of Neil Birch 2022.
The map is just a rudimentary guide.

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.


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