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Neil’s Tours – Lake District Safari for X-Plane 11


Publisher: Neil’s Tours
Date Added: Apr-03-2019
Version: 1.00
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A Lake District Safari for X-Plane 11 only.

I was inspired to show people the Lake District by the books written by Alfred Wainwright who spent most of his life up here and wrote seven definitive walking guides, but even AW would have loved flying over the mountains in a microlight! In fact to use his own words (not word for word) “If when I go to Heaven I hope it’s like the Lake District, wonderful! Flapping your wings around Great Gable! Wonderful!” AW.

Lake District Safari is where we get to spend another magical six days exploring the mountains, valleys and lakes of the English Lake District flying from prepared temporary fields in the Aerolite. Learn about the history and current events of the places we visit. An excellent introduction both for people who would like to learn more about the area, people who would like to plot their next fell walk or people who just like to dream and fly over jaw dropping scenery.

We begin this volume from a grass strip near Haweswater, fly over an original Roman Road, or maybe even see the remains of Roman civilisation from over 2000 years ago. Fly over England’s highest mountain and be amazed by the clarity of the ortho scenery, where you can even see the shadows on the rocks on the sides of the mountains. At 18X magnification it is some of the best Ortho scenery available for free.

About Ortho Scenery

As I said earlier the files have been specifically created @ 18 magnification for low level visual flight and are ideal for use by the Aerolite 103.

Two of the file sizes (3) are large but all three can be supplied on a USB stick if required. A €/$ 25 deposit will be required and €/$21 (€4 p+p) will be refunded on return of the stick.

If you would like the scenery at 19 magnification @ just over 200 GB this can only be supplied on USB.

The free background scenery is available from the FlightSim.Com file library either as a regular browser download or via torrents. These are the three scenery files:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

To obtain the scenery on USB stick contact the author:
[email protected]

The Tour

The tour package includes additional scenery of airfields, a full set of flight plans and an extensive guidebook in the form of a PDF file.

The 98 page guidebook is the heart of the tour, offering maps, photos, instructions and a detailed week-long itinerary that will guide your flights to the best parts of the scenery.

About The Author Neil Birch

Neil Birch is a long time flightsimmer and has been creating scenery and tours for FSX for many years. This is his first venture into X-Plane. Neil is a pensioner who lives not far from the Lake District.

Read our interview with Neil Birch

Lake District Tours Series

Lake District Safari is the second tour in this series. Also available is:

Wainwright’s Week


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