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MWP Projects – xAtmoEngine


Publisher: MWP Projects
Date Added: Jan-15-2019
Version: 1.1
File Size: 111.2 MB

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This is an add-on for X-Plane 11 that will make more pleasant and beautiful your flights in the simulator. Everything is done to ensure that the picture in the simulator is similar to the real world.

Very easy to install and use. It does not take time to set up and select ideal values. Also, this add-on is absolutely fps-friendly. Everything is already done for you. Enjoy your flight!

Base Features

Realistic sky with smooth transition:

  • Sky without sharp transition between color tones
  • Photoreal colors adapted to the simulator environment
  • Photoreal skycolors during a thunderstorm, etc.

Realistic Atmosphere:

  • Realistic haze density
  • Realistic haze density in the mountains
  • Photoreal haze color
  • Smooth horizon line
  • Normal horizon position
  • Normal dsf load distance
  • Realistic sun gain
  • Normal sun glare distance
  • Realistic moon glow effect
  • Realistic stars gain

Custom clouds:

  • Custom Hi-Res clouds
  • Real clouds color
  • Realistic cloud forms
  • Photoreal cloud specular
  • Real cloud size
  • Normal color tones

Night Lights:

  • Realistic lights bloom
  • Realistic lights scale
  • Some extended lights distance
  • Increased cars rendering distance
  • Normal lights color


  • Hi-Res in cockpit shadows without loss fps
  • Hi-Res outside aircraft shadows without loss fps
  • Realistic color of aircraft shadows
  • Hi-Res cloud shadows
  • No flickering shadows from the clouds
  • Real cloud shadows color
  • Real cloud shadows size


  • Dynamic water waves
  • Normal waves speed
  • Realistic wave amplitude and scale
  • Realistic sun reflections on water
  • Photoreal water color

Version History


  • Added a second set of beautiful environment
  • The second set is more realistic in our opinion
  • Second set include
    • New sky colors
    • New clouds
    • All parameters of first set
  • Improved some values
  • Fixed bug with invisible sun, moon and stars up to 8000 feet
  • Reduced fog density
  • Fully compatible with X-Plane 11.26, 11.31rc1


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