MegaScenery Earth – UltraRes V3: Grand Canyon for FSX/P3D


Publisher: MegaScenery Earth
Date Added: May-22-2019
Version: 3
File Size: 18,300 MB

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Fly some of the USA’s most spectacular scenery with Ultra-Res versions of the most well know special interest areas in the USA. This series takes MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 60 cm resolution (or better) scenery for the special interest areas that are covered. 

This titles gives you the most famous landmark and national park of them all – the Grand Canyon – all 11,000 square miles of it (it’s massive) – all displayed at the ultra high resolution on 60 cm per pixel and from the latest 2017 imagery.

The realism is simply stunning. You can fly this scenery and it  remains clear right down to lower altitudes of around 500 feet. Perfect also for helicopter flying.

This high res area can co-exist with your Arizona complete state sceneries. Place the Grand Canyon scenery above the Arizona state scenery in your scenery library. It blends seamlessly with Arizona V3-2017,

So you can get full enjoyment from your Grand Canyon Ultra-Res National Park we also provide a complete set of PDF charts for the state of Arizona and a specially produced Grand Canyon Visual Chart.



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