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Mad Flight Studio – Spectr-Aero SP-30


Publisher: Mad Flight Studios
Date Added: Jan-25-2019
Updated: Mar-12-2020
Version: 2.0
File Size: 1 GB

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The Spectr-Aero SP-30 is a 2-seat ultralight aircraft with single engine and propeller in weight category of less than 500 kg. It is manufactured in Russia (upgraded version of the CH-701 plane). Field of usage: Educational purposes (highly suitable for teaching to fly aircraft, corrects most learner’s mistakes), aviation-chemical works in farming (crop dusting, spraying fields for weeds, pests, insects, growth regulators, aerial sowing, etc.), air patrol, air surveillance.

Main features:

  • Dynamic model, handing characteristics, systems controlled and tested by real world pilots and engineers
  • Full 3D manual ground service
    • propeller covers
    • Pitot cover
    • parking ties
    • parking chocks
    • control surface check
    • fueling (gasoline and chemicals)
    • fuel drain check
    • outside engine heater
    • chemical works equipment
  • Full 3D manual engine service
    • propeller manual rotation
    • oil level check
    • oil change
    • oil filter change
    • air filter change
    • fuel filter change
    • spark plugs change
    • prop pitch selection (from service menu)
    • a lot of failure repairs (from service menu)
  • IFR flying adaptation
    • GNS
    • transponder
    • slip and turn indicator
    • navigation lights
    • landing light
    • cockpit light
  • Realistic gauge operation
  • Custom radio station FL-760 (with AUX connection simulation)
  • Custom fuel system
  • Custom oil system
  • Custom engine operation
  • A lot of custom failures
  • Custom shake and G-effect (compatible with TrackIR and view-effect plug-ins)
  • Custom 3D sounds (over 170 real sounds)
  • Custom windshield effects (rain, ice, mist)
  • Custom particle effects
  • Fully VR compatible (without additional plug-ins)
  • High Quality PBR textures
  • High accuracy interior and exterior 3D models
  • High accuracy fully animated aircraft
  • 3D ground service and general options menu
  • Two Language manuals and aircraft menus (Russian/English)
  • Two cockpit languages (Russian/English)
  • Two gauge options (Metric/Imperial)
  • Layered paint kit included

More info in free manual:

Download English manual

Download Russian manual


  • X-Plane 11.30 and higher
  • Windows, Mac OSX, Linux 64 bit
  • 2 GB VRAM Video Card (4 GB+ VRAM recommended)

Change Log v2.0:

  • The code was converted to SASL-3
  • Added new rain effect (librain by Saso Kiselkov)
  • Added the ability to install unbreakable gear (file changing)
  • Fixed gear failure in some custom sceneries
  • Fully remastered the aircraft dynamics
  • Added stall and near stall conditions
  • Remastered parachuting
  • Added icing
  • Improved engine temperatures
  • Added real behavior of instrument arrows
  • A few minor bugs fixed

Change Log v1.3:

  • fixed twitching while flight models per frame sets to 2 (now you can leave 2)
  • fixed brake handle stuck bug while FPS is too high
  • improved sounds in headset
  • fixed excess gear sounds while parking on rough pavements
  • fixed mixture handle operating failure
  • fixed some textures mapping
  • overrided default parking brakes
  • a few minor bugs fixed

Change Log v1.2:

  • improved interior textures
  • improved paintkit
  • added co-pilot interaction sounds (use intercom + headset)
  • added fuel quantity save
  • fixed ATIS frequency bug
  • fixed some textures mapping
  • fixed ground gripping bug
  • fixed right vent animation bug
  • a few minor bugs fixed

Change Log v1.1:

  • Improved VR mode (ground service menu can show/hide automatically when using additional VR points of view)
  • Improved control surface failures by full custom logic
  • Added real starter behavior depending of the battery charging level
  • Added new “Experimental_Green” liverie
  • Added co-pilot driving mode (instead autopilot)
  • Added a lot of custom sounds
  • Fixed failure text mistakes (charge/replace)
  • Fixed rare bug with prop angle
  • Fixed bug with fuel consumption
  • Fixed wind behavior while loading the aircraft
  • Fixed water landing behavior
  • A few minor bugs fixed

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