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Publisher: LN Design
Date Added: Mar-18-2021
Version: 1.0.3
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Kavik River Camp Airstrip – RK1

From the “Life Below Zero°” Series

How many times you’ve watched the “Life Below Zero°” on TV, wandering how could it have been to land on Kavik to meet Ms. Aikens, with bad weather and strong sidewind?

Kavik is a small and remote camp, which serves as a shelter and B&B for hunters, researchers, and adventurers. Camp is South-East 44 miles of Deadhorse and 337 miles north of Fairbanks.

The WHOLE wilderness in Alaska is constellated by thousands of small airstrips, mostly private, and there is almost no better place for learning and practicing bush flying!


Using dozens of pictures taken from the web and the TV series, I’ve been able to mentally map the whole area and meticulously reproduce each inch of the above. Referencing has been the hardest part, and you won’t notice at all that who designed this has NEVER been there before!

Each tent, tank, cabin, has been reproduced in detail.

Wanna know what’s inside?

Table Of Contents

  • Stunningly accurate layout
  • Meticulously made custom models, polygon by polygon.
  • Custom terraforming for the camp and a lot of the surrounding areas, with removed “non-hills”, corrected river flow, and runway extent ground noise.
  • TONS of new assets – Almost NOTHING from vanilla assets has been used, 95% of what you see, is custom
  • Accurate windsock location, and yeah, even the barrel it is standing in.
  • Working Weather Station Anemometer
  • FOXY! (wanna meet her? Check Kavik River Camp West webcam sometimes, she’s often there)

ALSO, the package contains:

  • Airport Map with some “Roleplayed reference”
  • VFR Map
  • Screenshots

And a brand new livery for your Cessna 208B Grand Caravan!


Check this link if you don’t know where to install your add-ons!



  • Small texture corrections to some snow bug
  • Revised taxiway, now AI should take off correctly and taxi ribbons should pop up!


  • Fixed some issues with water surfaces
  • Fixed runway 26 extent
  • Inverted parking orientation


  • Small minor fixes
  • Main file merge

Future Plans

The more the Simulator and the SDK grow, the better I can improve this scenery. Height maps for the terrain morphology and animated animals are in the list! The rest, is up to Asobo’s roadmap!

Live Free, even below Zero°!

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