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Publisher: Lionheart Creations
Date Added: Feb-02-2021
Updated: Dec-21-2022
Version: 4.4.0
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This is the sleek, high performance French 4 seater ‘Trinidad’ by Socata Aerospace in France. This 250 HP Turbocharged Edition of the Trinidad line, the TB-21 GT, is a fast cruiser, hitting cruise speeds of 200 MPH or 180+ knots. Some were fitted with oxygen systems for high altitude cruising, up to 25,000 feet ASL. She was designed with a very advanced interior with automotive style instrument panel featuring ‘instrument pods’ similar to the Lotus Esprit and Lamborghini Countach of that era. Even today, her instrument panel design is more advanced in appearance to other manufacturers.


  • 22 (twenty two) different paint schemes!
  • 3 different interior themes: gray, tan, neon euro blue
  • Extreme detail virtual cockpit with updated and modified mesh, mapping, and graphics
  • Disappearing control yoke for visibility
  • Extreme high-resolution textures in PBR format complete with bump mapping
  • Asobo high end avionics including their GNS530 and GNS430 GPS systems
  • Sound pack is also an Asobo creation with some incredible sound effects that only MSFS sound systems feature which include bumping sounds, performance maneuver ‘groans’ from the airframe, and other cool effects
  • Fold up arm rests

NOTE 1: This product is for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 ONLY.
NOTE 2: This should only be used on high performance computers.
NOTE 3: The installer will require MANUAL targeting of your MSFS Community Folder. You must locate its destination folder.

BUILD 3.2, released Jan 30th, 2021

Bugs And Issues:

  • Presently doors are inoperative. This is a known Asobo issue concerning click zones.
  • Flashing at front windscreen from exterior view only and certain angles to sun only.
  • The instrument panel lights are ‘always on’ at night. Asobo presently do not have a way to turn off 2D XML Instrumentation that feature light mapping. Hopefully this will be updated soon in the simulator.

A high-end computer that can run MSFS smoothly is most recommended because this package consists of a high amount of 4K resolution textures. A strong graphics card with at least 2 GB, but preferably 4 GB of VRAM and at least 6 GB of RAM are required. You might need to ‘relax’ settings in the simulator to run this plane in low end computers.

You will need to know where your ‘Community’ folder is in MSFS on your computer. You will need to direct the installer to your that folder when installing this package.

Some users report that the Steam version installation is not running right. If you have an issue, just install the ‘regular MSFS’ version of this package into your Steam version of MSFS.

Changelog Build 3.3


  • Autopilot bug concerning VS mode not always showing is repaired.
  • Non functioning buttons on the panel labeled as dummy buttons so there is no confusion.
  • Prop Tooltip Repaired
  • Elevator Trim Dial direction incorrect, reset.
  • Manual updates carried out, sections added on Autopilot VS management, and LH Pilots Instrument Pod layout.


  • Doors now open! Dino Cattaneo technology installed, enabled to get around click-box-bug.
  • Cargo Door release linked to red knob in cockpit; previously the Emergency Gear Release. Repurposed.
  • Circuit Breaker button textures enhanced.
  • Heading and Course nobs are now Asobo coded and feature click-hopping 10-deg increments as well as hold/clicking left and right. Faster then previous FSX animation coding.
  • Proper plastic coating to interior door latches applied over former metal Material for authentic accuracy


  • Avionics Switch Not Animating
  • Heading Knob Not Rotating, I broke the animation…
  • Heading knob moves VOR1 knob/instrument also, could be a sim issue, unknown presently

Changelog Build 3.4

Here are updates to the new package:

  • NAV System revamped. Must use NAV mode to access VOR and ILS Navigation. GPS/NAV button or CDI button on the GPS units to initiate NAV instruments.
  • Alternator issue resolved via Systems config links to proper circuit
  • Fuel Range adjusted to proper 1055 NM at 5,000 feet altitude, 2 pilots aboard, full fuel, 75% power
  • DOORS ARE NOW FUNCTIONING! Just a reminder. And Cargo door opens via round red knob, bottom left
  • Adjustments to exterior shine ‘Wax’ setting bumped up 0.100 on slider. 🙂 A better reflection, less grain
  • Enhanced, revamped bump maps in 4K resolution. Rivet scale and panels redone and crisper with adjustments to Normal height. Some real punch now.
  • New ‘flat’ non-reflective Material for the several Trinidad’s that have weathered exteriors.
  • Some fixes to exterior mesh issues, such as elevator shadows, aileron at RH side repaired, and various other tidbits.
  • CG adjusted for 2 pilots, improved.
  • Improvements to textures concerning rivets on dark paint areas.

Changelog Build 3.5

  • Camera settings for interior and exterior improved, revamped
  • Weight and CG reset and revamped with rear passengers added
  • Interior lighting modes redone and revamped and improved moderately
  • Two far distance LOD models added for those that use the Trinidad in multi player mode and as AI aircraft
  • Prop blades still texture decolored of odd tint
  • Touchups to the new fuselage high resolution bump map (normal map)
  • Edits to manual to show new camera systems and lighting functionalities

Changelog Build 3.6

  • Pilots bug that loaded the pilots outside every 5 flights has been figured out and rectified!
  • Proper Asobo KT76C Transponder improved, with orange font, proper layout, and digital KT76C screen.
  • Fantastic new Asobo style 3D prop discs and side view 3D high realism paddle effects update.
  • New 4th Generation interior Dome Lights! Much brighter.
  • Parts cleanup in Interior.
  • Gauges Refinement to increase frame rates carried out.

Changelog Build 4.0

  • 3D Instruments fitted using Asobo pure coding for enhanced frame rates and realism
  • Instruments now feature on/off lighting control
  • Instruments now feature ‘dimming’ knob for low light flying at night
  • Cabin lighting system totally revamped with improved overhead spotlights and also blue glow light mode.
  • Some wear and realism added to the leather and vinyl interiors. Blue interior color totally revamped for truer color
  • Instrument face panels in Instrument Pods are revamped and more truer to actual panels of Trinidads; less shine, redone graphics, crisper edges
  • Various knobs on instrument panel redone/revamped. Rudder pedals rebuilt
  • Adjustments to handling and stability below 80 knots
  • Flaps speed and drag performance Mod’s for better realism when in descent with full flaps active
  • Retracting exterior foot pedal system restored and active
  • Park Mode system now only active on the ground. For those that liked to deploy wheel chocks while in flight, I am sorry.

Changelog Build 4.2


  • Lights issue where they were turning off when going to exterior view is repaired
  • Updates to 3D instrumentation
  • OAT instrument recalibrated
  • Instrument lights revamped at different angles, blue glow system reset to different circuit to keep from coming on when off at flight startups


  • Updates to mesh of instrument pod faces, more flatter, actual realistic look
  • Foot step pylons animate with retractable landing gear
  • Updates to handling including flaps performance
  • Updates to Autopilot performance characteristics courtesy of Onimanius
  • New SU5 Update ‘Mouse Lock’ systems integrated into click zones on the knobs and switches and levers in the cockpit with the cool click/drag readouts. Knobs and bits glow blue when you mouse over over them.
  • Fuel selector integrated to SU5 update

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.

1 review for Lionheart Creations – Trinidad TB21 GT for MSFS

  1. gary.lowndes (verified owner)

    Lovely plane, especially with a couple of mods to tweak the performance and the gps. I was on the fence on this one given the reviews when it was released but looking at the version history on LHC’s website I think virtually everything that anyone had a problem with has now been fixed. Nice to fly and oh lordy what a rocketship, if you’re looking for a fast GA plane (cruise is ~170-180 kts) that’s easy to fly and has good views and long legs for your long tours you need to look at this. Just keep the version history handy while you’re watching the video reviews.

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