Lionheart Creations – Trinidad and Tobago for FS2004


Publisher: Lionheart Creations
Date Added: Jan-06-2019
Version: 1.0
File Size: 137.5 MB

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From Lionheart Creations comes the sleek Socata Trinidad TB-21 GT Turbo and its sister ship, the world renown Socata Tobago TB-200 GT.

This package contains two high detail aircraft with elaborate virtual cockpits and moderate animations through out. The aircraft come in 12 liveries each and are created from existing actual aircraft and factory paint schemes.

With guidance from actual Socata pilots and owners, extreme attention to details and animations within the exotic ‘virtual cockpit’, the Socata ‘Experience’ sets out to be an awesome and fun aircraft flight simulation package. Designed and tested in and for FS2004.

Model Details

  • Opening Gullwing Pilot and Passenger doors
  • Opening Rear Cargo door
  • Animated pilot that scans the horizon and instrument panel
  • Factory paint schemes from actual aircraft, 26 total between both models
  • Dynamic reflective 32 Bit high resolution exterior paint schemes
  • Detail Virtual Cockpit that features:
    • Moving control yokes that can hide for better visibility
    • Animated Engine Controls, rudder trim, fuel control knob, etc
    • Animated Passenger Seat, Ash tray, Rear Seat Arm Rest, animated Rudder Pedals, and dual directional Sun Visors as well.
  • Functioning suspension with high detail components replication on the RG model
  • High detail propeller modeling
  • Tinted side glass as in the actual TB aircraft line
  • Highly realistic air file set that reflects each of the two different aircraft flight characteristics and performance.
  • Animated Cowling that removes to allow you to see the extremely high detail Lycoming engine
  • FS2004 KeyPad Quick Views that allow Belly-Cam view, Rudder-Cam view, Oil Check View, etc.


  • Two notches of flaps only, Take-off mode and Landing mode
  • Take-Off Roll occurs at about 60 knots on the Tobago and 65 knots on the Trinidad


  • Top Speed under max power: 197 knots+
  • Cruise: 187 knots
  • Stall Speed, full flaps, gear down: 60 knots
  • Ceiling: 25,000 feet with Oxygen
  • Fuel: 88 US Gal.
  • Powerplant: 250 HP turbocharged Lycoming 6 cylinder


  • Top Speed under max power: 145 knots+
  • Cruise: 137 knots
  • Stall Speed, full flaps: 50 knots
  • Ceiling: 14,000 feet
  • Fuel: 54 US Gal.
  • Powerplant: 200 HP Lycoming 4 cylinder


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