Lionheart Creations – LHC Blade People Pack


Publisher: Lionheart Creations
Date Added: Dec-12-2018
Version: 3.0
File Size: 215 MB

Compatible With:



This add-on requires the Lionheart Creations LCH Blade to be installed

Lionheart Creations introduces a cool and massive ‘Blade’ addon package, what we call a ‘Mod Kit’ that modifies the Blade package into a more larger package with unique, new features. The Blade ‘People Pack Mod Kit’ features 3 more models of interior people, realistic loadouts of weight from having single, couple, and group of 4 passengers, and also features 5 new LHC paint scheme ‘Theme Packs’ which include some new custom interiors as well.

Introducing ‘Jade’, the female ‘Blade’ owner and pilot in the Blade People Pack. Jade and her 2 friends are now available to fly with you on your virtual journies. When you fly either the Couple, or the Couples (plural), you will have visible people on board ‘in’ the Virtual Cockpit. You can see them, they are not hidden. We have been asked many times for people visible in the VC’s, so here you are. You can also hide them if they bother you. Simply click on the passenger seat or rear seat and your virtual guests will hide from sight. What is unique with these models is that they are in their own folder system for aircraft which enabled us to give these models/planes their own weight loadout. What this means is that when you fly with one single pilot on board, your plane will have only that much weight loaded. With 2 people, it will have those 2 people loaded. With 4 passengers, you are nearing your Blade’s limit of weight and your aircraft will handle much differently.

This is for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D only. This is a triple installer that features FSX, P3D V1 and P3D V2 installers. Please select the right simulator and also note if your installer has found your exact location of your simulator. You can run the installer into both or all three simulators.


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