Lionheart Creations – French Robin DR400 for FSX and P3D


Publisher: Lionheart Creations
Date Added: Jan-04-2019
Version: 1.0
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This is the classic, famed General Aviation plane of most of Europe, the Robin DR400, designed by Pierre Robin. This particular model is the DR400 / 180, featuring a higher performance 180 HP engine. The DR400 is a wood based aircraft with wood ribbing wing structures covered with aircraft fabric. The fuselage is mostly skinned, high grade woods as well. The interior seats 4 people neatly and usually sports a very nice Avionics stack. This aircraft is said to be in higher numbers then Cessna at most all air clubs and flying schools and small air strips and airports. It is probably one of ‘the’ most famous GA planes in most of Europe.

This package features:

  • 5 Aircraft paint schemes
  • Detailed instrument panel with all 3D switches and knobs, animated as well
  • Sophisticated Garmin GNS-430 GPS nav system
  • Authentic Robin fuel, tachometer, and air speed instruments including popup window modes
  • High detail interior
  • Authentic starter button at fuel selector
  • Animated pilot that scans instruments and the horizon

This package is for Prepar3D Flight Training Simulator, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX with the SP1 Service Pack.

There are presently 7 different exterior paint schemes that the Robin DR400 comes with. These are the classic paint schemes given them by the factory. The ‘Gray and Yellow’ version, gray on top with yellow stripes, is a weathered, aged version.

We sought to make the panel as realistic as possible. This panel features sunken instruments with glass surfaces revealing reflections as like real glass instruments. The Avionics stack is modeled in high 3D, mapped directly to gauge data.

Special Features are the ‘extra’s that the package features.

  • Sound Effects System that features click sounds and sound effects
  • Popup Mini Windows of gauges that are specific to the DR400
  • Speed gauge with flaps and stall and cruise ‘speed registry’ dots
  • Tachometer with red line for the 180 HP engine
  • Robin fuel gauges that are in Liters, but have mouse overs in Gallons, and feature the
  • graphics that show how many Liters are in each quarter of the fuel cell; left, center, right.
  • S-Tec 55 Auto Pilot with Nav GPS navigation basic capacity
  • Garmin high detail GNS-430 GPS system
  • Weathered, well used Bendix King COM1/NAV1 radios and Bendix King Transponder
  • Dual VOR1 and VOR2 gauges for VOR navigational flights and triangulations of waypoints

Instrumentation features include;

  • Glass Faces with reflections
  • 3D Bezels and sunken faces
  • Complete 3D modeled radio stack including the small rubber buttons on the GPS and auto
  • pilot, fully modelled and not flat polygon plates.
  • Soft glow instrumentation system that features internal illumination, sporting a very realistic
  • appearance for night flights where one does not need to use the dome light to see instruments
  • at night.

Mini gauge popup windows are featured on the Robins elaborate, realistic panel. Clicking on certain click zones causes most gauges to popup, such as the gauges mentioned above as well as the radio stack.

In this package, we feature the Garmin GNS-430, a GPS system which serves on this plane as COM2/NAV2, and has 2 popup modes; radio stack mode, and larger GPS map mode size for easier reading of the small map window.

This Robin DR400 is fitted with a basic yet very functional S-Tec 55 auto pilot. It will set (lock) your altitude or climb rate, and also lock your heading setting, and will fly a GPS preset route.

Flight Simulator

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X DVD Version (FSX)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSXSE)
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, v4



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