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Date Added: Jan-04-2019
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This is the sleek, new Epic Victory private VLJ business jet by Epic Aircraft in the United States.  This unique, small 5 passenger jet features a single engine turbine power plant, high mileage economy, and fast cruise at 320 Knots.  The Victory features the Garmin G1000 full screen panel system and a plush, luxurious, leather clad interior.  Featuring an all carbon fiber airframe, this is one very light weight, very fast, very economical jet for today’s jetset pilots.

This package features;

  • 12 Aircraft livery paint schemes
  • Roughly 6 to 8 different interior themes
  • 5 Different panel variants, from wood to metal to carbon fiber
  • Detailed front nose compartment with animated float away nose compartment panel
  • Detailed rear turbine engine cowling with animated ‘float away’ cowling also
  • Above detailed compartments feature ‘hiding’ mesh that enable faster frame rates
  • Extreme efficiency Garmin G1000 system designed for best frame rates
  • New MVP-50 engine gauge, features 2 pages of data readout
  • New Checklist system built into the center MFD screen as like the actual Garmin system
  • Popup ‘Remote Command Console’ that can animate features from exterior of aircraft; can call the fuel truck as well
  • High technology TruTrak Sorcerer Autopilot; features female voice, subsystems programming
  • Manual in PDF format; 40+ pages
  • Sound system and custom sound pack.  Switches and other features have sound effects
  • XM Radio with 6 demo song loops.  You can place your own WAV files of music in the system.  See manual for details.
  • Un-hideable female copilot
  • Three materials used for windows; gold tint with dark overhead band on front perspex, tinted exterior passenger windows; low tinting on interior side of glass
  • Full FSX package with FSX format models and materials, all in DDS format using only DXT-5 type 16 bit for maximum performance in FSX
  • Optional extra ‘Wide Screen’ version 2D panels come with the package.  See manual for setup
  • Park mode; deploys wheel chocks, turbine inlet cover, pitot flags

There are presently 12 different exterior paint schemes that the Epic Victory comes with.  Each exterior paint scheme has a fitting interior and panel theme that will match it.  Paint schemes mostly feature metal flake metallic finishes with a classy, waxed shine.

The instrument panels feature the Garmin G1000 glass panel system as well as the MVP-50 engine management screen, lower center.  There are 5 different color schemes of instrument panels to accompany the 12 variant interior/exterior themes.  These panel versions include dove gray metal, carbon fiber, cherry wood veneer, teak wood veneer, and walnut burl veneer.  The center screen now features a

built in Checklist system like the actual Garmin screens.  The MVP-50 features a secondary screen showing the aircraft outline and system features/annunciations.

The instrumentation feature soft glow, high realism illumination for night flying ‘without’ the dome lights being on.  This enhances the night flying visuals.  Control yokes are hide-able for being able to see switches and controls that might be ‘behind’ the yokes.  All primary instrumentation units (PFD, MFD, MVP-50, Auto Pilot) have Maximize Popup modes for better visibility.

The Epic Victory comes with a 2D panel set, one gray and one wood.  These are also duplicated into Wide Screen versions which you can add to your planes if you have a wide screen monitor.  One simply adds in ‘ws’ to the ‘panel’ line of each aircraft Registry block in the ‘aircraft.cfg’ file of the Victory to set all 2D panels to wide screen visual modes.

There are many variants of interiors featured which include grays, mustard yellows, blues, and burgundy.  Each interior theme is coupled with a panel color theme as well, which as mentioned above consist of 5 different panel variations of themes.

Some features of the rear cabin interior are a fold out table that deploys when the landing gear are raised.  An Apple iPad tablet media computer sits on the mid-ship passenger seat.  The iPad will fly over to the table top when the table deploys during flight, as seen in the screenshots below.

The interior, such as the seats and the interior sides of the cabin walls ‘illuminate’ with a soft glow when the ‘instrumentation lights’ are on, (after the sun fully sets in Flight Simulator).  A separate switch on the instrument panel turns on the rear cabin dome lights (2) for ‘bright’ illumination, thus 2 modes of rear cabin lighting.  This also goes for the front cockpit area, having a separate dome light for the front, as well as the rear cabin.

Special Features are the ‘extra’s that the package features.  In the Victory, you will find that there are a few.  There is a ‘Park Mode’ which has deployed wheel chocks, turbine inlet cover, and pitot flags.  The co-pilot female can be unhidden.  There is a removable nose cowling door which when animated away shows the detailed nose compartment with batteries, hydraulic system, electrics boxes, GPS antennae arrays, and several other systems.  In the rear, the turbine engine access cowling is also removable and shows you the tight fit of the Pratt and Whitney jet.  Another feature is the baggage which is unloaded to the pavement via a command.

In the center top screenshot below, you can see the ‘Remote Command Console’ popup panel.  This manages your Special Features, such as front and rear cowlings animations, unhide copilot, etc.  This also includes Map view mode, and will call a fueling truck to your jet if the airport facilities you are parked at have one.  The Remote Command console also features night mode (blue lighting) and has sound tone buttons.  Yellow illuminations on the RCC Annunciators specify ‘non-flight’ conditions, while green is ‘ok in flight mode annunciator callouts.

This package add-on is for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX with the SP1 Service Pack.  You do not require the FSX Acceleration add-on. This Addon Package is by permission of Epic Aircraft Corporation

Flight Simulator

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X DVD Version (FSX)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSXSE)
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, v4



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