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JustFlight – Constellation Professional Expansion Pack C


Publisher: Just Flight
Date Added: Nov-08-2018
File Size: 96.6 MB

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This unique add-on livery pack captures the heyday of the Constellation, displaying accurate period airline liveries, carefully researched and created by texture expert Paul Grubich, to add to Constellation Professional.

As well as supplying all-new liveries for the L049A, L749, L749 with Speedpack and the L1049H with tip tanks, this pack also includes those four great aircraft models as well!

Each new livery not only applies to the aircraft, but you will see the same livery on the mobile passenger steps as well.

These new textures have been specifically developed for FSX and use the all-new features that FSX allows:

  • Normal (bump) mapping creating extremely realistic airframe skins
  • Specular material effects replicate the signature metal airframes
  • High definition DDS textures that are frame rate friendly
  • FSX SP2 DX10 preview compatible

Included aircraft and liveries


  • Capital Airlines


  • Western Airlines
  • Delta

L749 with speedpack

  • Western Airlines

L1049H with tip tanks

  • Northwest
  • Real

Note: You will need our Constellation Professional add-on installed to be able to add this additional aircraft package.


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