Just Flight – Tiger Moth Float and Ski Double Pack


Publisher: Just Flight
Date Added: Nov-08-2018
File Size: 54 MB

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This package includes all the aircraft from Just Flight’s Float Plane and Ski Plane Packs, which are both available to buy as separate Downloads.

NOTE: You don’t need to have Just Flight’s Tiger Moth add-on to use this expansion. The DH82A and DH82C aircraft in this package are individual flyable aircraft in their own right!

The crew at Aeroplane Heaven have already brought you the wheel and tail dragger version of this distinctive aircraft, but this is something a bit different – Tiger Moths on floats and skis!

Retaining the award-winning features of the land-based machines, these unique models give you access to all those watery and wintry areas of the globe – from seas, lakes and rivers to and mountains and the snowy wastes!. Detailed, exacting in accuracy and carefully researched, these aircraft are highly realistic.

The top-quality models feature many high fidelity animations, a superb sound and textures covering a range of aircraft.

Included aircraft

  • DH 82A Ski equipped – Swedish military
  • DH 82C Ski equipped – Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum with covered cockpit
  • DH 82A G-AIVW Civilian float plane
  • DH 82C Float equipped – Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum with covered cockpit

General features

  • Working water rudders on float planes
  • Many detailed changes in specifications such as autoslats, engine cowl or lights for a particular aeroplane are replicated in the model
  • Accurate flight modelling replicates correct airframe performance, stall moments and flying behaviour
  • Highly detailed 3D models of the DH82A and DH82C float-equipped versions
  • Detailed and authentic liveries
  • Full virtual front and rear cockpits
  • Opening access doors
  • Authentic sound set

Detailed features

  • Detailed and animated engines behind animated cowling panels
  • Working wing Autoslats (where fitted)
  • Working ‘Windy’ airspeed indicator fitted to wing strut (non-Canadian version)
  • Opening rear storage hatch (non-Canadian version)
  • Fully animated control wires and undercarriage suspension
  • Animated doors revealing detailed cockpits
  • Aircraft can be flown from front or rear seats
  • Animated Elevators, Ailerons and rudder
  • Animated front and rear pilot figures
  • Detailed flying wires and fittings, bottlescrews and brackets

Instrument panels

Authentic period panels and instruments in 2D and VC are all based on the real items for authenticity

Virtual Cockpits

  • Complete sets of smooth 3D modelled gauges with glass fronts
  • Animated working controls, including throttle, mixture, fuel cut-off and rudder pedals
  • Working Autoslat locking lever control and pitch trim levers (non-Canadian version)
  • Working compass with operating bezel lock
  • Authentic layouts exactly replicating real aircraft layouts
  • Working ‘Windy Airspeed indicator on wingstrut (non-Canadian version)


  • Flight Simulator X or FS2004 (compatible with FSX Service Packs 1 & 2 and Acceleration Pack)
  • 2GHz equivalent or higher (2.5GHz for FSX)
  • 512Mb RAM (1.0Gb for FSX)
  • 128Mb+ 3D graphics card
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 250Mb hard disk space

NOTE: Does not require Just Flight’s full Tiger Moth pack to be installed.



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