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Date Added: Nov-08-2018
Updated: June-17-2022
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Developed by the expert vintage aircraft team at Aeroplane Heaven, this simulation of the Lancaster B Mk.I is the definitive re-creation of WWII’s most famous bomber. Compatible with Flight Simulator X, FSX: Steam edition and Prepar3D v2-4, the accuracy and attention to detail will bring the desktop pilot as close as it is possible to get on a PC to the experience of flying this legendary aircraft. The package includes six B Mk.I Lancasters, along with three ‘bonus’ Mk.III liveries that can be applied to the exterior.

B.I Liveries

  • W4118 ZN-Y ‘Admiral Prune’ of 106 Squadron. Flown by Sqn Ldr Guy Gibson before he became CO of the famous 617 Dam Busters squadron.
  • DV385 KC-A ‘Thumper Mk.III’ of 617 Squadron. This machine, flown by Flt Lt Bob Knights, survived the war and was struck off charge in 1946.
  • R5868 PO-S ‘S for Sugar’ of 467 Squadron RAAF. Having completed 150 missions, this aircraft is now preserved at the RAF Museum Hendon.
  • ME669 ZN-O of 106 Squadron. This B.I was shot down in April 1944 on a raid over Schweinfurt.
  • NX622 JO-D ‘D for Digger’ of 463 Squadron RAAF. A typical B.I as flown by several RAAF squadrons attached to Bomber Command.
  • W4783 AR-G ‘G for George’ of 460 Squadron RAAF. This B.I flew 90 missions between 1942 and 1944 without the loss of a single crew member.

B.III Liveries

  • LM739 HW-Z ‘Grog’s the Shot’ of 100 Squadron. This was a B.III, flown by several different crews from 100 on a variety of missions.
  • NE181 JN-M ‘The Captain’s Fancy’ of 75 (New Zealand) Squadron. A late B.III from 1944, NE181 dropped dummy parachutists as a diversion tactic for D-Day.
  • EE139 BQ-B ‘Phantom of the Ruhr of 101 Squadron. Originally assigned to 100 Squadron, EE139 was transferred to 101 in late 1943.

Exterior Models

  • The aircraft models were built using factory-accurate plans and represent the most accurate renditions of a Lancaster made so far
  • High levels of detail modelled, including actual rivets and bolts and an authentic bomb load
  • Fully detailed cockpit interior with all fittings visible, including detailed station framework visible through the glazing
  • Many unique animations including retractable landing lamps with correct dipping lamps (from control in cockpit) and asymmetric landing gear operation, bomb doors, flaps etc.
  • Highly detailed, historically accurate, animated crew with oxygen masks (height-governed) and goggles
  • Fully detailed and authentically rendered turrets with machine guns, ammunition belts, sights and framing in complete detail
  • Animated front turret with correct gun elevations and deflections, animated gunner and firing guns
  • Fully modelled and detailed bomb room visible through perspex nose dome
  • Special texture techniques (PBR) create highly realistic paint and wear effects
  • Special propeller animations for realistic engine starts
  • Detailed refueling truck, bomb trolley and ground-start trolley provided and switchable from the cockpit
  • Unique configuration panel to load crew, arm turrets, drop bombs etc. Also, a ‘cold & dark’ start option and reload switch.
  • Bombs can be loaded, armed individually and ‘dropped’ realistically.


  • Fully modelled, authentically detailed interior
  • Bomb room, Pilot cockpit, Engineer’s station, Navigator’s station and Radio Operator’s station with all equipment and unique animations and functions
  • Many unique functional features such as Beam Approach, DF, DR compass and Auto controls equipment and gauges
  • All rigging tubes and wires, control wires and electrical wiring detailed with realistic metal copper and brass effects for tubing
  • Fully ‘bump-mapped’ texture detail for all equipment and fabric effects, including the correct ‘anodized’ finish for main instrument panel
  • All 3D instruments for smooth, accurate operation
  • Operational front turret can be swiveled using the authentic controls, seat height adjuster and guns elevated and depressed, fired etc.
  • Detail in turret includes ammunition shells and accurate machine guns
  • Multiple camera views for all stations including astrodome view
  • Viewpoint adjuster tool.

Flight Dynamics

Specially created flight dynamics provide the authentic feel of a heavy bomber and are built to official specifications, contemporary flight reports and test documentation.


Complete, authentically sampled Merlin engine sounds and many unique cockpit sounds for switches etc. Special care has been taken to reproduce the sound of four Merlins at full power.


Nine liveries provided with a professional quality paint kit. Textures created using real paint swatches (including RAF interior green) provided by well-respected aircraft restorers, to ensure accurate reproduction of wartime paint.


Detailed Cockpit Guide and flying notes, checklists etc.

Paint Kit

A Paint Kit (1.5GB) is available to download from the Just Flight Support section.

System Requirements

Flight Simulator

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X DVD version with SP2 or Acceleration (FSX)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSXSE)
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2, v3, v4 (P3D)


  • 2GB RAM (minimum)
  • 512MB graphics card
  • 1.8GB hard drive space

Operating System

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10



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