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The F-117A was so secret that it operated for seven years before the public were told it even existed! Now the distinctive silhouette of the Stealth Fighter (it’s actually a bomber) has been sighted in the FSX/FS2004 skies and is ready for any covert operations that you need to undertake.

This incredible aircraft can go pretty much where it pleases and fly undetected thanks to its bizarre shape. Known as the Stealth Fighter, it’s actually a bomber and has been deployed successfully in many theatres of war ever since the first secret flights in the early 1980s. Now the team at CLS has brought this amazing machine to Flight Simulator and armchair pilots can now join the airborne elite and take the Nighthawk anywhere they want in the FS world.

The F-117A Nighthawk is the world’s first operational aircraft designed to exploit low-observable stealth technology. A product of Lockheed’s highly classified Skunk Works department the ‘Have Blue’ program called for an aircraft that could enter enemy airspace without detection by radar. First conceived in 1978, it took to the skies in 1981 (rumour has it over Area 51) and operated under total secrecy until 1988 when its existence was made public.

Detailed features

  • Accurate 3D model
  • Flight dynamics based on over 50 hours in the real flight simulator
  • Five liveries including the famous US flag scheme. Correct pilot arm badges according to unit
  • All external markings and badges are based on the actual current aircraft and are all readable
  • Authentic ‘nose art’ painted on the port bomb bay door as seen during Operation Desert Storm. They have since been removed from the real aircraft, but are included in this model as ‘the legends live on’
  • The airframe surface has been given a realistic reflective sheen. The finish has a mottled effect to model the RAM (radar-absorbent material) coating
  • The canopy glass has a gold coloured finish to represent the gold film applied to the glass
  • Custom gauges, effects (navigation lights and cockpit illuminations) and animations
  • ‘No VC’ option for improved performance on lower spec PCs


  • Fatal attraction 9th OG
  • It’s Hammertime 8th FS
  • Nachtfalte 9th FS
  • Toxic Avenger 7th FS
  • US Flag Scheme

Animated Features

  • Rotating 3D wheels, full suspension, steering, gear locks and gear door connection rods
  • Main wheel ventilation holes showing brake texture behind
  • Gear modelled to real aircraft components producing authentic mechanism with correct animations
  • Animated flight control surfaces including split differential working elevons and all moving V configuration rudders
  • Opening canopy. As the canopy opens in VC and spot views, the panel/gauge shade flaps fold forward
  • The bomb doors open and the armament ‘swings’ down in a realistic manner
  • Animated radio antennas that extend or retract according to the radio operation
  • Animated drag chute that can be set to deploy automatically on landing and actually helps slow the aircraft
  • The IRADS animate to keep on target
  • The engine blow-in doors on top of the engine fairings open automatically for speeds below 160 knots. These assist for low speed flying and manoeuvres
  • Refuelling port revolves to open and is illuminated
  • Customised flashing beacon light with rotation effect reflections. Gear lights with reflections. Landing and taxi lights with reflective lenses.


The panel has been painstakingly researched and is as true a representation as possible.

3D VC panel elements include 3D AP assembly (includes Spatial Disorientation button). AP and HUD frame have authentic positioning.

The gauges are illuminated by using the panel light switch only, including the HUD (2 glass pieces with illuminating HUD projector lenses) with transparent background and bright detail illumination (also with night dimming), and do not rely on a general background light. Cockpit lighting is available. In the 2D view, the CRT gauges can be switched between ‘bright’ and ‘green luminous’. All gauges have high quality graphics and can all be zoomed to improve their reading. Lighting colours (including the blue CRT buttons) are to the current aircraft specification.

Target panel gauge shows ‘camera’ views in 2D view. In VC view shows FLIR views.
Adjustable Head Latency gauge introduced for VC view. Added head turn switching for taxi speeds.


Engine exhaust shimmer and smoke turn on according to engines speed. Smoke effects can be turned off on the panel.

With the engines off and the parking brake on, ground services

  • Mj-1 bomb truck with illuminating spot light (cabin light switch)
  • Pilots steps
  • Chocks
  • ‘Remove’ tapes that move in the breeze
  • The elevators sink down and the rudders ‘hang’ (spread to align with the aircrafts fore/aft axis) due to zero hydraulic pressure and move with reducing engine speed
  • Wing vortex and wing vapour according to G force
  • Wheel spray if raining or snowing
  • Runway tyre marks have been customised for this aircraft


  • FS2004 or Flight Simulator X (FSX Acceleration/SP2 compatible)
  • Pentium IV 1.7 GHz (2.5 GHz for FSX)
  • 512MB RAM (1GB for FSX)
  • 64MB 3D graphics card (128Mb for FSX)
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 1GB hard drive space

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