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Updated: Mar-30-2022
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Building on the immersive and addictive Air Hauler, the new Air Hauler 2 puts you in complete control of your own freight and passenger company – take charge of operations both in the boardroom and in the cockpit. You can also ‘go global’ and create your own virtual airline and recruit other AH2 pilots to fly for you with attractive payouts, or you can join another pilot’s booming airline and fly for that alongside your own company.

The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler 2 will let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your company – each crucial flight will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding empire.

The level of complexity is up to you – simply fly jobs between bases and buy or lease aircraft, or carve out a career in the air freight or airline industry by hiring AI pilots and risking everything on loans to fill up your dream hangar.

Air Hauler 2 tracks all your financial activity, whether you’re buying aircraft or air bases, fuel or repairs, or paying for landing fees or even loans and leases. Take out insurance if you think the part-time pilots you’ve hired might let you down when you can least afford it.

As the pilot charged with delivering the goods or passengers on time, you can decide to fly a job in multiple legs, or stop anywhere en route for refueling or maintenance. Create your regular passenger routes and look out for special humanitarian missions. Contend with real-world weather conditions if you want the extra challenge and keep a watchful eye on your fuel economy – the price of fuel in Air Hauler 2 can vary with the real-world price of aviation fuel for added realism!

Trade commodities for delivery on your cargo routes, and open manufacturing plants and factories at your bases to create parts for manufacture into more precious commodities. Travel around the world to meet new contacts and fly missions for them individually to boost your company’s reputation and income!

If your management skills are needed in the boardroom, recruit other pilots to fly jobs for you and keep track of them all with the AI pilot system. Detailed Map views showing all the airports in Flight Simulator will help you keep tabs on available jobs and the locations of your bases and fleet, and you can also view the live locations of other online Air Hauler 2 pilots.

Expand your company into an online Virtual Airline where other pilots can fly passenger routes and cargo jobs for your new venture – select jobs from a global shared job board and allow users to help you manage your virtual airline and fly, expand and maintain your fleet!

Air Hauler 2 puts you in charge every step of the way – from landings to leases, flight plans to finances, and repairs to recruitment!


In-flight menu system – manage your company and accept jobs without leaving your host simulator.

Cargo jobs – more variety, better paid jobs, and much, much faster generation than in Air Hauler.
Passenger operations
– fly single passenger jobs between any airport you choose, or set up a schedule and routes for your airline to fly. You can let your AI pilots fly these routes or you can fly any of them at any time.

Missions – take missions from new contacts you meet as you travel to new airports and destinations.

Virtual Airlines – create your own Virtual Airline and recruit other AH2 pilots from around the world to fly passenger and cargo jobs!  Advertise your airline on the Air Hauler 2 Hiring Bulletin Board. Accept and fly jobs from the Global Job Board and compete with other airlines for the best hauls.

Humanitarian missions – respond to real-world disasters by manufacturing and delivering relief supplies to local airports.

New AI pilot skills tree system – AI pilots can now be ‘trained’ in over 18 different skills which bring benefits to your company. As the AI pilots improve, they ‘level up’ in rank which gives them more skill points to spend. There is a skill tree which has five different tracks with individual skills in each and these can be unlocked by spending points. So, for example, an AI pilot who has five points in ‘Bungee Warrior’ will be subject to less in-flight cargo damage as a result of rough handling than one who has less (or no) points in that skill. Other examples are ‘Rocketman’, which provides a more efficient cruise (lower fuel costs), and ‘Short Stripper’ which lowers the runway landing requirements for AI pilots.

Take missions from clients at airports – supply them with rare commodities or perform photo recon flights or private charter flights.

Commodity trading – buy and sell commodities rather than just move them for clients. Make your own fortune trading between airports!

Upgrade your bases – upgrade them with fuel depots and commodity storage facilities, allowing you to hedge fuel prices and store commodities long term.
Factories and production
– build factories at your bases and use them to produce desirable commodities which can’t be bought on the open market.

See full airport charts in Air Hauler 2 itself – charts are provided with the kind permission of John Allard.

Find aircraft parts from vendors – find these at larger airports and use them to repair your fleet or build new aircraft yourself rather than buying them!

New type rating system – get qualified on aircraft before you or your AI pilots can fly them.

Buy and fly aircraft in your personal fleet – you can also transfer money from your company into your own personal account.

Buy new aircraft direct from the manufacturer, or buy second hand – have the aircraft shipped to you or go and collect them yourself and fly them home.

All-new Map views with great circle routes – several map tile choices are available.

Create ‘custom airports’ – create an airport which will be recognised in Air Hauler 2 for any scenery which doesn’t create a ‘proper’ airport in Flight Simulator (i.e. the Orbx series and other airport add-ons).

Included database of common aircraft – designed to populate the stats while importing – no more searching for fuel burn figures!


  • Flight Simulator X (with SP2), FSX: Steam Edition or Prepar3D v1/v2/v3/v4
  • 3.0 GHz or any Dual Core PC
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 GB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 (included)
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 162 MB hard drive space

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.

Changelog v3.0.0.13

  • Fixed issue whereby the cargo loading screen buttons would not be visible
  • Fixed issue whereby the “Take out new loan” button would not be visible

Changelog v3.0.0.12

  • Fixed issue when viewing Factory Details
  • Modified screen size on some screens to prevent Windows incorrectly sizing the screen out of the screen bounds
  • Adjusted series label on Finance chart to expenditure rather than overhead
  • Fixed issue whereby aircraft could be offered to be constructed when not owning the required number of engines
  • If there is more than one instance of the same type of aircraft, you can now choose explicitly which one to build when constructing aircraft
  • AH2 will now prevent changing pilot assignments on an aircraft if the pilot is busy (not idle)
  • You can now change your aircraft configuration in Nomad mode (at 3x standard cost)
  • Nomad mode companies no longer have access to the normal overdraft facility (which was an oversight)
  • Renamed the SA column to “Skill Points” on the pilot grid
  • Resolved an issue whereby the “Pay Fine” button would not appear if an aircraft was impounded
  • Added company pilot/aircraft/base markers to the World Wide job BBS map
  • Prevent cargo being loaded onto a scheduled pax aircraft
  • Prevent aircraft being used for scheduled pax routes if it has cargo onboard
  • Fixed issue whereby AH2 would CTD when finishing flight monitoring when using MFS
  • You can now retool a factory (but it will halt production while you do)

Changelog v3.0.0.11

  • Fixed issue on startup when processing pax sectors
  • Adjusted repair costs when AI carry out a repair to better match the value of the aircraft
  • Resolved issue whereby AH2 would quit unexpectedly after finishing flight monitoring
  • Resolved an issue whereby database information was being incorrectly cached
  • The Type Rating Training drop down now shows only your Fleet’s types by default, with a check box for all types
  • You can now toggle on the MFS style menu bar in the FSX/XP version from Options -> General
  • Added a warning to the transfer aircraft to VA dialog to point out that it’s a one way transfer

Changelog v3.0.0.10

  • Fixed a non-printing character issue in flight briefing
  • AH2 will now attempt to set the sim time for you via SimConnect for Flights if you’re more than 10 mins out from the time it’s supposed to be
  • VA aircraft must now have no cargo on board before booking them back in
  • Fixed issue whereby VA Bases were not being recognised to allow changing aircraft config
  • AH2 portal – some new pages added, and maps/radar working again 🙂
  • Map now correctly redraws on the Available Jobs screen
  • Personal screen now shows jobs, pax flights and missions completed
  • You can now transfer personal aircraft back to your company fleet
  • Fixed issue with Pax Ops screen not updating when a different aircraft was selected
  • The required amount of cargo to trigger the reputation award for a Humanitarian mission is now shown
  • Refreshing the cargo jobs grid no longer resets the layout to default
  • When paying a loan instalment, the value now shows correctly as an outgoing rather than income on the ledger
  • Fixed issue with scenery importing for XP 1.55r2
  • Increased width of breadcrumb line on flight tracking
  • The aircraft registry is now correctly stored when booking in a VA aircraft
  • B2B jobs only generated if bases are within 3x distance of your longest range cargo aircraft
  • Added Skill point assignment “SA” column to the pilot grid to allow for better visibility on unassigned points
  • Fixed issue preventing a VA Pax flight being flown a week later if the flight/today is Sunday
  • Fixed an issue with prices being incorrect when starting a new game
  • Resolved a bug whereby multiple variants of the same aircraft would not import max Pax or range correctly
  • Changed the default aircraft for P3D v5 Nomad/Hard/Medium to the AC11 (you may need to import it if you haven’t already)
  • Added fix for the FlyByWire A32x which does not report fuel consumption via Simconnect
  • Fly now on VA jobs now includes own company aircraft in aircraft chooser dialog
  • You can use the -noMFS to launch AH2 on a machine which doesn’t have Microsoft Flight Sim installed to skip the location check

Changelog v3.0.0.9

  • Fixed currency symbols showing incorrectly in the kneedboard briefing
  • Pax sectors with Capt and FO will now alternate duties on sectors
  • Fixed issue whereby an aircraft part was accidentally deleted if you didn’t buy it
  • Resolved an issue with Distances in the airport selection screens (unchecked by default)
  • Adjusted pax maximum ticket prices upwards
  • Resolved and issue with In Flight sectors not updating their status once flown

Changelog v3.0.0.8

  • Reselect last job after accepting (then you can do “fly now”)
  • Airport storage capacity limit expanded by factor of 10
  • Factories now need to be constructed in the same manner as Bases
  • You can now insure personal aircraft
  • New company – airport selection screen – alpha ordering fixed
  • AH2 prevents blank or null location
  • Fixed issue which prevented completion of constructed aircraft
  • You can now change the cruise speed by right clicking in the fleet screen
  • Added cruise speed to the fleet details section
  • Fixed issue when creating a new company without selecting an airport
  • Fixed issue with mission generation for smuggling missions destination
  • VA aircraft now update their config (passenger/cargo) when being Booked In to the VA fleet
  • Aircraft must be at a base (company, or VA) in-order for the configuration to be changed
  • Being at a VA base now counts towards the repair discount for all aircraft
  • Added the kneeboard briefing file to a tab on the flight monitoring window
  • You can now disable some (not all) of the in Sim “tips/messages” regarding pax boarding/satisfaction
  • Fixed issue with incorrect location/distance in the map view when doing an ad-hoc flight
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect mission destination for smuggling missions
  • Fixed issue with the World Wide BBS job map not populating when in Nomad mode being saved to Fleet record
  • fixed issue with “Cancel” not working when adding an excluded airport
  • fixed issue with pax sector departure being reset to 00:00 when editing
  • fixed issue with pax sector details UI not updating correctly
  • Clicking on a path on the WW Job map now selects the job correctly
  • WW job board button added to Cargo Jobs menu
  • Fixed an issue which could cause double entries on pax flights
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Map line style not being saved
  • Fixed issue whereby VA pilots didn’t show on the VA radar
  • Fixed an issue preventing pax flights from flying at the correct time
  • Sectors stay marked as “Completed” for longer to show that they were flown properly (Rather than immediately being reset to pending)
  • Added “Details” button to review individual flight details (an option to clear down these entries will be added in due course)
  • Fixed an issue where AH2 would report the aircraft at the wrong location when flying a pax sector yourself


– This fixes an issue which was affecting job generation (so people weren’t seeing jobs to/from their bases).


– Fixed issue with Owned Parts causing a DBNull error during transit
– Fixed issue with missing country identifiers in scenery
– Fixed issue whereby in-flight menu hotkey was not saved
– You can now edit the aircraft Title and Manufacturer from Aircraft Details
– You can now input a Type for an Aircraft which has no Type listed on import
– Resolved issue with high fuel prices at airports (do a full default scenery import to re-base the costs)
– Removed Save-in-flight function while it is re-written to account for Pax changes
– Fixed an issue with the in-flight menu not displaying job status correctly
– Resolved issue where the “Downloading Charts” splash wouldn’t close
– Added Humanitarian Delivery logging
– Fixed issue with labling when editing aircraft details
– AH2 now allows cargo loading up to 110% MTOW
– AH2 will auto select aircraft at start airport when Fly Now on a cargo job
– Fuel to load in the Network mode screen now shows the correct values
– Aircraft Management now sorts correctly for the range and max pax columns
– Fixed issue when importing Aircraft with no ICAO Type and subsequently purchasing/leasing one
– Fixed issue when offloading cargo from an Aircraft which has ferry fuel as cargo on-board
– AH2 now supports scenery importing in P3D4.5+
– Fixed an error which could appear when constructing bases
– AI pilots can now use pax config aircraft for cargo jobs
– Added an indicator on the Cargo Loading screen to show if onward transport by road is available
– Added a fix for non EN/US Windows installs for number settings showing incorrectly
– When creating pax routes, the previously selected aircraft is re-slected after adding or removing a sector
– You can now toggle on airport names along side the ICAOs in the Fleet Cargo tab
– Added a “Fly self” button to the Cargo tab so you don’t need to swap back to the details tab
– Renamed the drop down on destination selection, to “Quick Find” and added the ICAOs of Cargo onboard to the dropdown
– Added Kgs in addition to Lbs on the Cargo Loading screen for more stats
– Add Kgs to Fuel Loading Complete dialog
– Fixed issue with Distance not sorting correctly on the Available Missions screen
– Adjusted decimal places on fuel capacities on several screens
– Fixed with an issue with location reporting when flying future Pax sectors/routes.
– Fixed issue which prevented random jobs from being generated
– Resolved issue with buying and selling commodities
– Fixed issue with assigned pilot not showing in Pax config aircraft
– Fixed issue with production time for commodities not updating correctly on the manufacture window
– You can now batch add ICAO codes to exclude from a text file (*.txt), ICAOs on individual lines
– Added +/- zoom buttons to Stock and Parts finder map
– You no longer loose the cash if you don’t have permission to donate to a VA
– “Crew Required” renamed to pilots required to avoid confusion on Pax Sector list
– Pax Sector grid now selects first aircraft rather than “All” to reduce load times for large schedules
– Pax sector map now defaults to first entry in list
– The Ledger has now been separated from Company Finance to improve performance
– Supply missions no longer show the “To ICAO” on the grid to avoid confusion
– Fixed an issue where pax flights would continually be processed incorrectly so the company was paid multiple times for the same sector
– Fixed issue where 1% of cargo would be lost when loading/unloading onto an aircraft with insufficient space available
– Added ATM button to the new Ledger screen


– fixes critical issue with cargo offloading in
– fixes issue with overland transports not arriving
– fixes issue with wrong starting cash for Career modes


– Fixed an issue with AI pilots offloading cargo accidentally if it had the same destination address as where they were located (i.e. commodities)

– Fixed issue on Import aircraft dialog if all known aircraft already imported

– Fixed issue with pax sectors being processed after their designated times, NB this will take 7 days real time to bring them all back into line, but they will be flown (just later than expected) until then.

– Fixed issue with type ratings being duplicated for Crew members in the Marketplace

– Tidied up pax sector calendar page

– Copying pax sectors between days now schedules them correctly

– Fixed issue whereby completing a supply mission didn’t award the correct reputation

– Fixed issue where stock finder was incorrectly showing tier 2+ commodities rather than just tier 1

– Resolved issue where cargo loading screen showed at the current airport rather than the depature airport when hand flying a pax sector out of sequence

– You can now correctly transfer a fleet aircraft to your VA

– Added VA permission for transferring Aircraft (off by default for all pilots)

– Added VA permission for transferring funds to the VA (off by default for all pilots)

– Fixed issue with AH2 window resizing itself for no apparent reason when windowed

– The Fleet list now shows pilots assigned to pax sectors

– Added new “New Version available” window which includes patch notes (from onwards)


– Resolved a possible issue which occurs if a custom Flt/Pln path doesn’t exist
– Accepted jobs now refreshes after job completion after cargo un-loading
– Remove “EA” from the forum button
– Added “Draw Jobs” option to Accepted Jobs map
– Fixed issue with Supply missions not updating when commodities delivered
– Single job doesn’t populate details on overview map?
– You can now set the in-menu shortcut key combination from the options page (Shift+F5 is now the default)
– Resolved with pax sectors being completed before they should be flown on the next cycle


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