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IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations – Long-EZ for MSFS


Publisher: IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations
Date Added: Oct-16-2020
Updated: Mar-25-2021
Version: 1.16
File Size: 639.3 MB

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The Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ is a tandem 2-seater home-built aircraft designed by Burt Rutan’s Rutan Aircraft Factory.

The Long-EZ has a canard layout, with a delta wing and wingtip rudders, and a pusher engine and propeller. The tricycle landing gear has fixed main wheels with streamlined spats, and a retractable nose wheel. Its predecessor was the VariEze, plans of which were first available to homebuilders in 1976. The prototype, N79RA,of the Long-EZ first flew on June 12, 1979. The Long-EZ was a plans-only kitplane, and several variants of the basic design have surfaced over the years.

The Long-EZ was modern, high performance, custom built long range aircraft featuring the latest advances in aerodynamics and structure to provide good utility, economy, comfort, simplicity and flight safety. The aircraft uses one of two proven certified aircraft engines, the Continental O-200 (100 hp) and the Lycoming O-235 (115 hp). It has an alternator powered electrical system and can be equipped with an electric engine starter.

lts cockpit layout is designed to compliment pilot work load with throttle, mixture, carb heat, pitch trim and landing controls on the left side console and a side stick controller on the right console. Seating provides correct armrest, lumbar, thigh and headrest support allowing “recliner chair” comfort not found in conventional aircraft seats. This allows long, fatigue free flights. The inboard portion of the large wing strakes are used as baggage areas accessible from the front and rear cockpit.

This rendition features:

  • Highly detailed internal and external visual models
  • 8K high resolution textures
  • 6 liveries with customizable registration markings
  • Custom sound package (using legacy sound pipeline – WWise sounds not supported at launch)
  • Native Microsoft Flight Simulator flight model *

*At the moment of the initial release, MSFS does not properly support canard planes – the plane may exhibit a behavior that may differ from the real aircraft in extreme conditions.


This product will work only with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Due to the high-detail model and textures, we suggest to use the Long-EZ on systems that meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • CPU: 3.0 GHz dual core processor or better
  • GPU: at least 4 GB dedicated memory, Nvidia 960 or better recommended
  • RAM: 4.0 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk: 680 MB required for installation

Changelog Version 1.10

  • Redone flight model to implement new canard settings
  • Minor tweaks to engine performance
  • Minor tweaks to aircraft maneouverability
  • Increased detail and polycount of several cockpit objects
  • Retextured cockpit with higher res textures
  • Fixed miscellaneous animations and mouse areas
  • Added missing lubber line to compass
  • Minor improvements to sound package
  • Miscellaneous fixes in configuration files
  • Cleaned canopy textures
  • Replaced library pilot figures with custom models including possibility to remove the pilot figures (beware not to tilt the aircraft!)
  • Sound package entirely redone in WWise

Changelog Version 1.11

  • Added wing pods: to make them appear, add weight to the Wing Pods station in the fuel and weight settings
  • Vastly reduced elevator trim effectiveness following feedback from version 1.10
  • Several tweaks to improve the behavior at high speeds
  • Reduced rudder effectiveness, especially during takeoff run
  • Reduced canopy sound attenuation (considered excessive by some users)
  • Added traditional (non-canard) flight model files for users who may prefer those settings (files are in the “backup old flight model” folder)

Changelog Version 1.12

  • Added sunglasses to pilot figures
  • Reintroduced canopy scatches (hopefully done much better this time)
  • Changed model name to comply with Microsoft convention
  • Increased engine volume when in virtual cockpit
  • Minor tweaks to sound spatialization

Changelog Version 1.13

  • Further improvements to canopy scatches
  • Fixed bug preventing pilot figures to show in the green-checker livery
  • Added red and silver livery courtesy of Christoph Tantow
  • Added checklists courtesy courtesy of Lucas Aulen aka Laulenture
  • Changed mapping of airspeed needle for better gauge readability
  • Remapped fuel selector color to avoid issues with mouse drag problems introduced in MSFS (note: the way it works now is that clicking on the fuel selector will switch between left and right tanks, clicking on the support will set the selector to off)

Changelog Version 1.15

  • Added cockpit collision model for virtual reality

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