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Publisher: IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations
Date Added: Oct-18-2020
Updated: Sep-28-2022
Version: 1.3.6
File Size: 1.14 GB

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The Aermacchi MB-339 is a military jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed and manufactured by Italian aviation company Aermacchi.

The MB-339 was developed during the 1970s in response to an Italian Air Force requirement that sought a replacement for the service’s existing fleet of Aermacchi MB-326. Its design was derived from that of the MB-326, rather than a new design, and thus the two aircraft share considerable similarities in terms of their design. Aermacchi had found that the MB-339 was capable of satisfying all of the specified requirements while being the most affordable option available. The maiden flight of the MB-339 took place on 12 August 1976; the first production aircraft were delivered two years later.

Roughly half of all MB-339s entered service with the Italian Air Force, while the remainder have been sold to various export customers. As well as being used for training, the type is also flown by the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic display team. The type has been used in combat by both the Eritrean Air Force during the Eritrean–Ethiopian War of 1998-2000 and the Argentine Naval Aviation during the Falklands War of 1982. In both conflicts, the MB-339 was typically flown as an attack aircraft.

This version for Microsoft Flight Simulator features:

  • Two extremely detailed visual model: MB-339A and MB-339PAN (MLU)
  • Extremely detailed cockpit model (front seat only)
  • Flight model based on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator model
  • Seven different 8K liveries: Frecce Tricolori, Italian Air Force Camouflage, Italian Air Force Ghost Grey, United Arab Emirates, Armada Argentina, Royal Malaysian Air Force and factory colors.
  • Custom sound package (in FSX legacy mode)

Known issues at the release (v1.00):

  • Panel back lighting always on at night
  • Lomcovàk maneuver not supported by flight model
  • AHRS/GPS functionality limited to DATA model only


Due to the high-detail model and textures, we suggest to use the MB-339 on systems that meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • CPU: 3.5 GHz quad core processor or better
  • GPU: at least 4 GB dedicated memory, Nvidia 960 or better recommended
  • RAM: 6.0 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk: 1.8 GB required for installation

This product will only run with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Change log: Version 1.3.7


  • – Fixed wingtip fuel quantity in MLU model
  • – Fixed minor text misalignment in DATA 2 GPS page
  • – General optmization of virtual cockpit code
  • – Rework of virtual cockpit code to solve minimal incompatibility with SU10
  • – Basic support of Tacan-only stations (bearing/range only if the station is not a VORTAC)
  • – Moved flight manual to “Docs” folder, as opposed to a SimObject subfolder
  • – Draft implementation of external tanks functionality:

By setting a load of 150 lbs on STA2 and STA5, it is now possible to
load fuel on EXTERNAL1 and EXTERNAL2 tanks.

Changelog Version 1.3.4

Flight model improvements, new livery and other minor fixes:

  • Improvements to high speed roll rate
  • High speed drag is now more realistic (resulting in higher speeds)
  • Fixed minor bug in GEN1 and GEN2 needles animation
  • Fixed minor bug in the behavior of the gear handle warning light
  • Redone smoke effects to fix problems due to SU6 and SU7 changes
  • Linked IFF mode knob to MSFS transponder state
  • Removed custom high G breathing sound (using default sounds now)
  • Implemented canopy defrost command
  • Added 214mo Gruppo Special Color
  • Cockpit shadowing improvements

Changelog Version 1.3.3

Minor improvements and new liveries

  • Added special color liveries for 60th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori
  • Added older Frecce Tricolori livery
  • Fixed bug causing smoke tanks to appear in Virtual Cockpit on A variant
  • Changed token weight of pylons to 50 lbs (more realistic value)
  • Changed token weight of external fuel tanks to 150 lbs (more realistic value)
  • Fixed incorrect A-MLU engine configuration
  • Fixed incorrect A-MLU fuel quantity
  • Fixed minor glitch in armament panel animation

Changelog Version 1.3.2

Minor improvements and new liveries:

  • Changed RPM indicator reference variables, as the previous ones did not work as intended after SU5
  • Added Pony 0 Special Color for Frecce Tricolori 60th Anniversary
  • Added “Al Fursan” livery for aerobatic version
  • Added blue smoke for Al Fursan livery
  • Added Peruvian Air Force livery
  • Increased special effects visibility distance and persistance

Changelog Version 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 – NOTE: starting from this version, release numbering will follow the three digit format of the Microsoft Marketplace.

  • Fixed glitch causing heat blur effect to disappear in certain conditions
  • Internal reorganization of 3D models (nodes and hierarchy)
  • Added high altitude contrail effect
  • Added Sim Update V landing special effects
  • Redone ADI and backup ADI animation
  • Repackaged to Sim Update V standards
  • Improved fuel flow indications, consumption and range*
  • Minor improvements to flight model
  • Implemented Sim Update V cockpit interface (necessary for XBox)
  • Restored Mouse Drag functionality on many controls
  • Fixed minor misalignment of ADI bank needle
  • Fixed glitch preventing proper placement of HSI lubber line
  • Fixed several minor glitches in virtual cockpit model
  • Fixed several minor glitches in external models
  • Copilot figure is now optional: will disappear if copilot weight is set to 70lbs or less
  • Added backup ADI setting and mouse area
  • Added Marker Sensitivity Switch
  • Cabin Press switch now functional, also cabin press indications are now more realistic
  • VOR and TACAN power switches must noe be set to ON to get readings on the HSI
  • Added several animations in the cockpit (cosmetic only, may receive proper implementation in future)
  • Armament will now display “TANK” if a tank is loaded on a pylon on A and AMLU variants
  • Added smoke system (white and colored)**
  • Added PAN model variants loaded with green and red smoke

* NOTE: it seems that there still a problem with fuel flow vs. altitude vs. Mach no. dependency in MSFS. This new version implements a new formula to calculate fuel flow indication, which should provide values closer to the real aircraft in many conditions. However, actual fuel consumption (and range) is calculated differently by the sim engine: this is set to provide the best range in most conditions, so actual range of the aircraft can be now overestimated at low altitudes (but should be correct and medium and high altitudes).

** NOTE: the smoke system is implemented to work as in real life, that is, in order to operate it:

  • SMOKE switch must be set to ON (this is the master power switch for the smoke system)
  • WHITE switch must be set to ON (this is the power switch for the white tank)
  • COLOR switch must be set to ON (this is the power switch for the color tank)

…then, to activate the smoke, you will need to use the following toggle switches (you may want to assign them to stick buttons):


When the system is working, the relevant advisory lights will illuminate. The default PAN model has white smoke on both tanks. Red and green smoke variants are available as “repaints”.

NOTE: due to a simulator bug, effects may not show if activated in the internal views in certain conditions.

changelog Version 1.3.6

  • Fixes visibility of the wing tips on the A variants.

Changelog Version 1.3.5

  • Fixes throttle problem introduced by MSFS

Changelog Version 1.22

  • Updated localization file for World Update IV
  • Fixed minor glitch in cockpit view canopy reflection
  • Fixed minor glitch causing gunsight to appear on PAN external model

Changelog Version 1.21b

  • Added A-MLU Model (as separate aircraft)
  • Improved internal engine sounds (jet whine volume increased)
  • Rear pilot figure of MB-339 pan has now HGU-55 helmet and olive drab suit (as most commonly seen IRL)

Changelog Version 1.20

Quality of Life improvements:

  • Remastered all external textures with higher detail
  • Changed HSI DME last digit animation (now continuous)
  • Fixed landing gear extraction and damaging speeds
  • Fixed bug that caused deletion of panel cover if gunsight is removed from A model
  • Decreased FD vertical bar sensitivity
  • Changed rule of GS engagement from GS ARM
  • Improved engine dynamics
  • Redone Wwise engine sounds, based on real world samples
  • Fixed minor bug in Tacan/Frequency conversion
  • Fixed minor bug in RDU display not showing the correct frequencies for COM1 in some case
  • Added indication of X/Y Tacan channel
  • Improved cockpit self shadowing
  • Rear view mirror are now foldable
  • Added gear warning sound and silencer
  • Added streamers and covers if the aircraft is parked
  • Added underwing pylons to A model (add any weight to the relevant load station)
  • Added external fuel tanks to A model (add at least 51lbs to releval station – cosmetic only)
  • Fixed VR cockpit collisions
  • Fixed external light bug introduced by Sim Update 3
  • Fixed external views HUD
  • Added g-stain sound
  • Fixed minor inaccuracies in warning test switch behavior
  • Fixed minor bug preventing fine adjustment of OBS in some cases
  • GPS number keys can now be used to select waypoints (1 to 10)

Changelog Version 1.13

  • Hotfix for ADI/GS problem

Changelog Version 1.12

Quality-of-life update and further refinements to flight model

  • Fixed misalignment of control stick geometry
  • Fixed bug preventing TACAN Channel Selection on PAN variant
  • Fixed bug preventing TACAN Channel numbering stop at 99X
  • Fixed behavior of ADI GS Flag
  • Added ADI GS animation
  • Fixed orientation of NAV lights
  • Added checklists courtesy of Lucas Aulen aka Laulenture
  • Fixed minor smoothing artifacts in geometry
  • Light effects redone
  • Fixed bug preventing beacon to show correctly in some cases
  • Added timer function
  • Further tweaks to flight model, with better pitch behavior and low speed characteristics
  • Package renamed due to new naming restrictions
  • Fixed bug preventing beacon switch from working
  • Added possibility to remove gunsight from A model (just click on the gunsight)
  • Canopy scratch effect redone

Changelog Version 1.10

Flight model upgrade and miscellaneous fixes and improvements:

  • Complete remake of the flight model in order to fix Modern flight model instability and Legacy model compatibility
  • Adjustments to flaps, gear and speed brake cycle time
  • Improvements to HGU-33 helmet geometry
  • Added animation to rear pilot figure
  • Fixed DME not working for Tacan (NAV 2)
  • Fixed bug preventing correct DME behavior in some cases
  • Fixed ADI glideslope indicator not working correctly in some cases
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of ADI indexer
  • Fixed miscellaneous geometry issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous geometry smoothing issues
  • Improved altimeter animations
  • Fixed bug preventing GSARM to work with VOR/ILS
  • Cleaned up canopy textures
  • WWise sound configuration courtesy of Christophe de Bortoli (Erkin)

Available Only As Download

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2 reviews for IndiaFoxtEcho – MB-339 for MSFS

  1. jemorgan5 (verified owner)

    Nice bird. Nice design. Good flight characteristics. I would suggest adding an autopilot for the sight seeing aspects of MSFS.

  2. MATTEO CONTE (verified owner)

    Great work from Dino!
    Fly like a champ, no major bugs. Updates come on a regular basis.

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