HSimulators – Russia Xtreme Arctic for X-Plane 10/11 – Win/Mac


Publisher: HSimulators
Date Added: Dec-08-2020
Version: 3.0
File Size: 436.3 MB

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This is a great scenery of the far north of the Russian territory. With more than a million square miles it completes the Arctic’s mega-scenery. It starts from 44 East to 152 East and from 72 North to 82 North. The previous packages that make up the Grand Arctic Scenery and this now, Russia Xtreme Arctic complement the overall X-Plane scenery above the 73 degree parallel. The two together include all the arctic polar circle.

Russia Xtreme Arctic brings the base of Nagurskoye, still under construction, located in Alexanda Island, being the closest Russian air base of the North Pole. Due to the degree of difficulty of references, the construction of the base will undergo several modifications in the future, with the buyer able to download free updates. Russia Xtreme Arctic, including mesh terrain plus Nargurskoye Air Base, entitled to free upgrades in the future just as the Grand Arctic Scenery. In this package we use the Sukhoi payware designed and programmed by pizzagalli.ch, to compose and fly the scenarios, which forms a beautiful set,


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Strong video card
  • Minimum 8 MB RAM
  • i7 processor preferable
  • 4.8 GB HD space
  • X-Plane 11 licensed copy (does not work with demo X-Plane version)
  • The X-Plane default scenery installed from Laminar server

Russia Xtreme Arctic, like the Grand Arctic Scenery is always in constant updating, as far as the inclusion of the new scenery is possible, the user can download free in the support area of the project.


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