HSimulators – Grand Amazonia Scenery for X-Plane 11 – Win/Mac


Publisher: HSimulators
Date Added: Dec-08-2020
Version: 3.0
File Size: 390.9 MB

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The Grand Amazonia Scenery comprises a vast region of the extreme north of Brazil, on the border with Venezuela, a region of the Rio Uraricoera basins. The region is full of very isolated indigenous villages and gold mines, where the only access is by airplane or sometimes by river. A region of great conflict where the Brazilian Air Force is very active, both in patrolling and in assisting the people. In this first part you have ten airports and aerodromes.

We suggest a challenge. Fly from Boa Vista to Auaris and find the tracks in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Be careful not to get lost. Follow the installation steps and enjoy.

Included Airports

  • Boa Vista International Airport and Boa Vista Air Base (SBBV)
  • Hlaikato-u (SJLE)
  • Tucuxim (SDYT)
  • Palimi-U (SJMH)
  • Parafury (SJMI)
  • Uraricoera (SJNC)
  • Aratha-U (SJYJ)
  • Uaicas (SWAE)
  • Erico (SWAQ)
  • Auaris (SWBV)

HSimulators has developed this scenery in sufficient detail to give more realism to approach, departure and reconnaissance flights. It should be noted that the scenery developer pays attention only to the flight’s perceived details, which are essential requirements. So, if you expect to see bins, tables, chairs, people and other small details unrelated to the flight itself, this is not the scenery. We develop scenery to fly.


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Strong video card
  • Minimum 8 MB RAM
  • i7 processor preferable
  • 300 MB disk space
  • X-Plane 11 licensed copy (will not work with demo X-Plane version)
  • The South America default scenery installed


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