FSoftware – Žilina-LZZI for FSX/P3D


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Date Added: Jun-26-2019
Version: 1.0
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Žilina is Slovakia’s fourth biggest city. It’s located in the north of the country and it has a small airport. The location of this is the town of Dolny Hricov, not far from the city. It has a runway 1150 meters long and it re-opened in July 2005. Until a few years ago, Czech Airlines used to operate a daily flight to Prague from this airport, using one of its ATR 42s. This route was suspended, but it’s going to re-open soon, since there are enlargement plans for the airport. It is placed above a terrain full of little lakes and crossed by the Vah River, Slovakia’s biggest after the Danube. Some charter flights also operate to this airport.

The airport has also a new ILS CAT I system available on frequency 108.15.

It has a very small apron, which is divided into the civil aviation part and the flying school part; these are divided with a fence.

The zone around the airport is photoreal, and shaped to fit in a nice way with the scenery around. The terminal and some other buildings have night textures, and from December to February the photoreal area is covered with a layer of snow.


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