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Publisher: FS2Crew
Date Added: Aug-31-2020
Updated: Jul-29-2021
Version: 1.6
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Make your Airbus Come Alive – with the push of a Button!

Featuring a brand new User Interface system and redesigned from the bottom up to work in the beautiful new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Crew A320 brings your flight simulator experience to a whole new level of immersion and realism!

This program was designed for the default Airbus in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), but it also works in P3D and FSX with the FSLabs and Aerosoft Airbus (See Limitations).  In fact, it will work with any Airbus.

It features a very low learning curve so you can spend your time flying rather than sifting though a 100 page manual.

This is a BUTTON CONTROL product only.  It does not include Voice Control.


  • Works with any Airbus in MSFS, P3D or FSX (within limits).
  • Real-world A320 Checklist.
  • Flight Crew Callouts (example: “V1”, “Rotate”).
  • Flight Crew interaction (Captain, FO, Purser).
  • Procedures follow stock Airbus Procedures (where possible).
  • Voice Sets: US, UK and EU (German).
  • FA Cabin PAs (Users can now swap in their own custom Cabin PAs).
  • Purser Communications.
  • New User Interface System.
  • New Audio System.
  • New Functions (i.e., Auto Checklist Respond).
  • Rejected Takeoffs and Missed Approaches.
  • Turn-Arounds.
  • And More!


Default Airbus – Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020):

The FO is currently unable to interact with many of the buttons in the aircraft.  Accordingly, some flow items usually done by the FO / Pilot Monitoring have to be done by you.

For example, during his Shutdown flow, the FO cannot currently turn off the fuel pumps.  You need to do it for him.

As Microsoft expands their SDK in the new Flight Simulator, we will update the product so the FO can press more buttons as per his/her flows.

FS Labs and Aerosoft Airbus – P3D/FSX:

This program does not control any buttons or levers in these aircraft.  This program is for meant for people who want easy-to-use audio checklists and callouts only, but who want to perform all “the work” by themselves.

If you want a fully functional First Officer in the FSLabs or Aerosoft Airbus, we recommend these programs:

FS2Crew for the FS Labs Airbus

FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus


Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), Prepar3D, FSX

Internet: An active internet connection is required to install and operate the program.

Changelog Version 1.1

  • New: Option to auto reopen the FS2Crew Main Panel if, when using a single monitor, the FS2Crew window gets automatically hidden when you put the Flight Simulator window in focus.
  • New: Option to select the model you are using (A318 to A330). This will load the associated Max Flap Speed values (VFE) for the selected aircraft. You can select NONE to disable the VFE speed check when calling for flaps during the approach phase.
  • New: Option to set the Engine Start Sequence (1 then 2 instead of 2 then 1).
  • New: A text label has been added to the Main Panel indicating if the FS2Crew Main Panel is (or is not) in focus. If you wish to use the available Hotkeys to trigger the Main and Secondary button, the FS2Crew Main Panel must ‘not’ be in focus since these events are detected by the simulator itself, and in order for the simulator to be able to detect an event, it must be in focus.
  • Fixed: When starting the engines, the mode will no longer jump to takeoff mode.

Changelog Version 1.2

IMPORTANT: User must uninstall V1.1 prior to installing V1.2.

Release Date: 11 November 2020

  • Fixed: Minimums callout in Approach Checklist.

Changelog Version 1.3

You must uninstall v1.2 prior to installing v1.3

Release Date: 14 January 2021

  • Fixed: Removed “SIMCONNECT.CFG” from the installer as it could cause problems. You must ensure that file is not in your FC A320 folder. If it’s there, delete it.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Changelog v1.5

  • Transparency window option added for those who prefer solid backgrounds.
  • Hotkeys can be assigned directly via the Settings Panel.

Changelog v1.6

  • Fixes XML error message on startup associated with new FS2Crew website change over.

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.


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