FS DreamWorld Mesh – Japan uHD For FSX, FSW and P3D


Publisher: FS DreamWorld Mesh
Date Added: Dec-18-2020
Version: 1.0
File Size: 2.2 GB

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FS DreamWorld Mesh – Japan uHD is a software add-on for the FSX/P3D family of simulators providing mesh scenery, which is a representation of elevation (relief) data, such as valleys, mountains, gorges, cliffs, plains, ridges and peaks, etc. for the country of the rising Sun (Nippon). The default mesh scenery provided with the simulators is not of the best resolution available in elevation data, and this is necessary to keep the simulation to a target size. As a result detail, sharpness, “up and downs” and definition in ridges, peaks and troughs is lost, and relief will appear softer and smother, without the cragginess and fine variations that may exist.

FS Dreamworld Mesh upgrades your Simulation to the best visible elevation details that is available for any area. We do this for the entire Globe.

For Japan this means that we give you the entire island chain, including the Ryukyuan Islands and Pacific isles, in Ultra High Definition (9.5m resolution)

We use a country dataset of 10m quality to create our mesh for 9.5 meter resolution, and this is for the first time ever, no other mesh out there, offers Japan at this quality.

For the data we use, we follow the principle of lossless compression (100% quality/compression ratio), letting the mesh resampler to intelligently use compression algorithms to compress areas of flat resolution to a lower resolution, if that would mean no difference from higher resolution. This would be without the slightest loss of details across the board (that even a 99% quality/compression would entail) to save space, yet this still save massive space (for example, in the U.S 1/3 of what it would be without these algorithms) achieving the perfect balance between quality and size

This means High Fidelity and another way we follow these principles is that we will not resample an elevation dataset source at a mesh of resolution lower than the source. The only exceptions are if the actual visible quality of the source dataset is lower than the nominal resolution, or if the dataset quality is above 5m (LOD 13) which would not make a difference visually if rendered at a higher resolution (for good reason, Orbx recommends that we set mesh complexity in our Sims at 5m).Similarly we will not oversample to a higher resolution and try to pass something as a higher LOD not commensurate with the quality of the source data.

Mesh files split at the appropriate size to enable efficient loading on the Sim without impacting frame rates.

Use of multiple resolutions below the actual resolution of the mesh to enable rendering at ever bigger distances.

Any support needed for issues (i.e. in the unlikely need to flatten an airport) provided at our vendor forum.

We provide the best visible elevation details that is available for any area in the world. So we always leave the door open to you, once you buy this product, to upgrade to our Global mesh, just by paying the difference in price. This will eliminate the need to buy any other mesh product for your simulator in the future.

The creator is an expert Geographer (BSc Geography degree holder), with a lifelong (high functioning) autistic passion in maps and geospatial data, having spent hours in the 4 digits, the past 5 years and especially during the lockdown researching, creating and quality editing these mesh creations. You can read about the creator’s concept, vision, experience and points of origin, in the linked blog (oldest post).

Installation: Unzip the multizip file that you download, into any folder, and follow the instructions on the Readme 1st.pdf


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