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Date Added: Oct-22-2020
Updated: Mar-16-2022
Version: 1.5.1
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Instrument flight training missions return, better than ever, with FS Academy – IFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

IFR is an all-new, study-level package to take your skills to the next level.

Produced by a real airline captain, IFR gives you the knowledge and skills to fly like the professionals to get you home on those dark and rainy nights.

Mirroring a real Instrument Rating course, IFR is an authentic training experience applicable to everything from a Cessna to a 747, covering both analog ‘steam’ gauges and modern glass cockpits. You’ll begin in the conventionally equipped Cessna 152 before moving forwards to the glass cockpit Cessna 172 and multi-engine Diamond DA62.

Use real techniques and Jeppesen charts to fly complex true to life procedures with your instructor guiding you every step of the way through a series of 12 authentic missions covering all you need to know, culminating in taking your virtual Instrument Rating Checkride with your examiner.

​The skills you will learn are transferable to practically any aircraft, from a Cessna 152 to a 747 and everything in between.

​Accompanied by a comprehensive ground school, begin with the basics of IFR flight before moving through the course and taking your virtual Instrument Rating check ride.​


Practice your basic handling skills and perfect straight and level flight under IFR before progressing to more complex procedures. ​


Know what to do when things go wrong. With a vacuum failure you lose your primary Heading and Attitude instruments. Learn how to perform compass turns and work around your problem so that you’re ready for anything.​


Get to grips with the fundamentals of IFR flight by discovering how to operate and understand the ADF, OBS, VORs and NDBs with a conventional set of instruments.


See how Glass Cockpit technology has brought great advances to IFR flight, even in light aircraft. Learn the differences to become prepared for modern avionics.


Learn and demonstrate the 3 types of Hold Entry and how to account for wind drift once in the holding pattern.


Learn how to perform a manually flown VOR approach by referring to your approach chart and be guided by the instruments alone.


Advance from VOR approaches to the less precise NDB approach, where you must come in to land as the daylight returns with only basic ADF equipment and your approach chart.​​


Most IFR flights terminate with an ILS approach. Learn how to perform this crucial procedure.​​


Now you know how to arrive on instruments, it’s time to learn how to depart by following a Standard Instrument Departure (SID.)​​


IFR flight is all about getting you where you want to go. Step up to the twin engine DA62 and perform a multi-leg enroute navigation exercise.​​


Learn how to perform a Circling Approach to a runway not served by an IFR arrival.


Once you are confident with your skills, take you IR Checkride and fly a full flight profile with your examiner.​​

A crucial skill for any professional pilot, it’s time to up your game with FS Academy – IFR.

Changelog v1.3

  • Updated flight start positions to respect airport changes with UK Update
  • Changed ILS frequency for IFR11
  • Updated chart provided for IFR11
  • Improved loading screen chart for IFR10

Changelog v1.4

This is a major quality of life update which adds a multitude of improvements:

  • On-screen objectives
  • Visible markers
  • Audio cleanup
  • Rebuilt and improved mission triggers, adding extra steps to missions
  • Many minor issues addressed

Changelog v1.4.1

  • Fixes a broken trigger at the start of mission 12

Changelog v1.5.1

  • Fixes blank PFD in IFR 11 since SU8
  • Minor improvements to subtitles and IFR11
  • Menu and UI improvements

Available Only As Download

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4 reviews for FS Academy – IFR: Mission Packs for MSFS

  1. Jason Aranha (verified owner)

    Amazing addition to the sim. Great professional addition that made me feel like I was flying with a real instructor again. Time to wrap up my real IFR training, and now I feel more ready then ever.

  2. Christopher Nguyen (verified owner)

    This was a great addition to the sim and fun way to learn IFR. If I have one suggestion (perhaps in an update), it would be to have the directions from the instructor displayed as text on screen longer (or permanently) or have a way to bring up the current directions. Sometimes, I miss the directions and get lost on what to do next (ex, where to head next). Perhaps these objectives can be also listed in the accompanying pdf file. Other than that, the tutorials are great!

  3. Nicolas Sonville (verified owner)

    Really nice ! Cool lessons to remember the principles of IFR flight

  4. olguin.javier (verified owner)

    Really great addition to FS2020! It covers de IFR basics and some more and some missions area really challenging. There are some buggy triggers but I guess that is the SDK’s fault, not FS Academy. The only thing I missed is some recognition when you finish the course :-)(Maybe an achievement?).

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