Flysimware – 1917 Nieuport 24 for FSX & P3D


Publisher: Flysimware
Date Added: Dec-14-2018
Updated: Aug-11-2020
Version: 1.2
File Size: 57 MB


Flysimware has been working on this project from time to time and is now finished and ready to take to the sky. We had a lot of trouble finding information on this biplane and have given you a very good replica of the 1917 Nieuport 24 bis biplane. We included our main hangar control panel with a few modes including service modes to see the inner working parts hidden inside the nose of the fuselage. You will find on this model the mixture lever is reversed to the normal direction you are used to which is how they were designed. Set your joystick fire button to the light switch we coded so you can use the machine gun which includes visual effects. Choose from 6 paint themes or use our paint kit to design your own custom personal look. Remember to pump the fuel and oil pressure pump to 5 psi or more to ensure you have fuel pressure to start the 130 hp Le Rhone rotary engine.


  • High quality 3D gauges
  • HD textures with 2D Bump effects / World Reflections / Specular effects
  • Bones animation
  • Custom sound set
  • Flysimware’s virtual cockpit sound module
  • High quality pilot with animated head movements
  • High quality cable tensioners
  • Change modes from hangar control panel
  • Engine timed working machine gun
  • Includes several aircraft modes and paint themes
  • Wheel chock that will activate ground restraints
  • High quality Gnome rotary engine and prop


  • Custom sound set
  • Custom sound module for environment and interior sounds


  • 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS

Paint Themes

  • N2444 – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS
  • N2445 – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS
  • N2448 – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS
  • KNCA – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS
  • N2489 – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS
  • N2495 – WW1 1917 NIEUPORT 24 BIS


  • FSX SP2 or ACC / Steam Edition / Prepar3D All Versions

Version 1.2 Updates

  • Installer updated for P3D v5



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