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You’ll find no snakes on your planes with FlightSoft’s big Saint Patrick’s Day Holiday Vacation Bundle, a five product collection. You’ll fly to destinations all around the world and test your instrument flying skills while flying into a variety of challenging airports.

This five product bundle is yours for the promotional low special price of only $45.00 There’s so much heat in this bundle that it will melt all your snow away. It’s all about flying so don’t forget to practice your hands on manual flying techniques. You’ll experience lots of opportunities to take a hands on approach with plenty of sudden windshear, crosswind maneuvers and sideslip realignments with soft landings at shorter than normal runways.

This five product bundle consists of:

FSO-535 Fly To Great Britain v2 for FSX and P3D

FlightSoft’s Fly to Great Britain FSX is one of the most sought after add-ons featuring the holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. FlightSoft brings you hundreds of hours of fun and enjoyment with some of the most meticulously crafted automated approaches to the United Kingdom’s most famous and exciting airports including London’s Heathrow International Airport, Gatwick Airport and famous airports in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and even some African nations. Fly to Great Britain FSX will challenge your PC pilotage skills with plenty of approaches to airfields with the most challenging terrain and crosswind weather conditions that keep many a real airline pilot on their toes. You’ll be immersed in a large library of Automated Approach Flights to airports throughout the United Kingdom in real weather conditions which often require the most astute training in IFR.

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FSO-445 Fly To Greece v2 for FSX and P3D

FlightSoft’s Fly to Greece FSX and P3D is a breathtaking product of immense beauty. The Greek Islands are one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. The islands of Greece are breathtaking and words can’t describe the sunsets or the brilliant emerald sea a blend of greenish blue heavenly hue that gleams with brilliance and when the sun sheds its light on those crystal clear waters the effects are other worldly in its beauty. You’ll fly approaches on a widebody jetliner to Greece and its enhanted islands.

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FSO-490 Asian Holiday Destinations v2 for FSX and P3D

FlightSoft’s Asian Holiday Destinations FSX is an exhilarating title which encompasses the vast continent of Asia. The holiday destinations featured include Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Phuket Island featured in a James Bond film, Beijing, Sri Lanka, India, Guam, Taiwan and so much more! Asian Holiday Destinations FSX and FS2004 is one of the most comprehensive titles ever published on the continent of Asia. It is a title of immense size taking you to places you’ve never flown to before in Flight Simulator. The vast library of approach flights alone is the price of admission since it exposes the PC pilot to so many kinds of flight conditions often encountered in Asia including the complete gamut of Instrument Landing Systems.

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FSO-450 Fly To Spain & Canary Islands v2 for FSX and P3D

Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands is your passport to exciting destinations including Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, The Island of Ibiza, The Canary Islands, Pamplona, Alicante, Granada, Lake Victoria, Toledo, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Girona, Segovia, Seville, Murcia, Costa de la Luz, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Valencia and so much more! FlightSoft includes the European Jetliners Collection so you can fly on an MD10 jetliner with Iberia Airlines of Spain, Alitalia Airlines, DAS Air Cargo, Lufthansa Airlines, Condor, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Scandanavian Airlines, Swissair, British Airways, and so much more!

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FSO-540 Fly To New York v2 for FSX and P3D

FlightSoft’s Fly to New York is a breathtaking new adventure in the flight sim genre. The ambitious New York title features the most popular U.S. airlines in the DC10 jetliner type featuring spectacular visual models that are meticulously rendered with many eye-candy popping features. FlightSoft’s vast library of flight scenarios will put you in the cockpit of famous U.S. airlines during takeoffs, arrivals and a vast array of approaches under the most challenging weather conditions to help you realize the most accurate simulation of real world conditions during final approach to New York’s landmark airports and airports throughout the Northeast corridor of the United States.

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