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  • Fly to Singapore FS2004 is a breathtaking new scenery title that combines the best of all worlds. This ambitious title includes our awesome Asian Jetliner’s Collection – a collection of the most well known Asian jetliners including Singapore Airlines.
  • We offer meticulously crafted aircraft with stunning graphics eye candy aircraft textures designed to offer breakthroughs to the quality conscious savvy PC pilot.
  • Inside this unique title you’ll find a stunning scenery of Singapore including its famous airports like Changi International Airport and local airports throughout the country.
  • We offer it all … a truly comprehensive inclusive product featuring the Asian Jetliners Package, an assortment of famous Asian airlines that frequently fly the Orient Express, a glass cockpit with many MD10 features meticulously rendered with stunning graphical accomplishments and ease of use a feature popular with our customers.
  • And it doesn’t end there we also include the most meticulously crafted and complex library of sophisticated automated approach flights to Singapore under all kinds of challenging weather conditions including IFR and IFR CAT I, CAT II, and CAT III conditions.

FlightSoft’s Fly to Singapore FSX and FS2004 is the first and most comprehensive title of Singapore. The scenery of Singapore has been rendered with the utmost detail. You’ll love this product. Fly to Singapore FSX and FS2004 is an exhilarating title which encompasses all of Singapore. It is a title of immense size taking you to a place you’ve never flown rendered with this much detail before in Flight Simulator.

The vast library of approach flights alone is the price of admission since it exposes the PC pilot to so many kinds of flight conditions as you’d ever encounter as a real pilot working for a major Asian airline that services this extraordinary country. FlightSoft’s Fly to Singapore FSX will take you to Changi International Airport – the Mega Airport of Singapore and on approach you’ll encounter the complete gamut of Instrument Landing Systems including CAT I, CAT II and CAT III runway lighting as Changi International is one of the most sophisticated airports in the world.

Asia’s mega airports provide the PC pilot with all the sophistication and modernity in avionics and airport runway technologies so that pilots flying Asian Airliner’s jumbo jetliners will certainly be impressed by the vast repertoire of technologies at the airport facilities at Changi International in Singapore. FlightSoft’s Fly to Singapore FSX brings you on an unbelievable journey to Singapore and the entire country is rendered in HD resolution.

You’ll fly into Changi International Airport and other airports in Singapore that provide the PC Pilot with superb modern aviation marvels. These airports come equipped with all the navigational aids and runway guidance systems that you would expect from the major airports of Singapore. Moreover, you’ll also fly into mid size airports and experience the thrill of a descent in dense fog with near zero zero visibility and as you transition to short final you’ll experience windshear and some low level turbulence as the aircraft gets buffeted around abit but you’ll view the beauty of final approach as the airfield opens up beautifully right in front of your eyes allowing the airfield’s runway guidance system to become activated and as your aircraft intercepts the glideslope the autopilot will steer your massive jumbo jetliner on final approach as you negotiate the CAT III ILS approach to Changi International Airport.

You’ll marvel at the way in which the aircraft is controlled by the sophisticated auto pilot system and even experience a certain sense of achievement when you negotiate the various phases of the Standard Arrival Route and look out the cockpit window and view the city down below with its plush urban landscapes and spectacular views of the skyline.

The humid conditions and turbulent approach provide some fair measure of excitement but Changi International Airport has plenty of real estate and the ILS runways are spectacular with bright runway lighting systems … you’ll have lots of room to maneuver on final approach and the weather anomalies will keep you on your toes as you view the immense airport real estate … these are truly large airports fully equipped with CAT II and CAT III ILS systems … just try the approaches at dusk or dawn or even night time in dense fog and you’ll immediately be impressed by the bright lights on the runways and how the instrument landing system bringing your aircraft down the invisible glideslop right down for an exhilitaring approach and touchdown right on the numbers of the ILS runway.

FlightSoft brings you on an empowering journey offering you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways of Singapore and fly to Changi International Airport and the airports of Singapore. Yet our description can only touch the surface of the many features you’re about to experience in this exhilarating new title from the FlightSoft Library Vaults. ”

FlightSoft’s Fly to Singapore FSX and FS2004 will place you in the airline captain’s `zone’ while the jumbo jetliners you choose to navigate the airways offer you all the knobs and switches to precisely fly the big beast and impress your passengers with all the finesse and skill you can muster in landing a large jumbo jetliner at Singapore’s Mega Airport Changi International Airport and other airports in exotic Singapore.

Fly to Singapore FSX and FS2004 is an ideal product in your flight sim library. This product will round off your collection of FlightSoft’s Asian portfolio. And, you’ll fine tune your flying skills and impress colleagues and friends alike. ` FlightSoft’s Fly to Singapore FSX and its FS2004 counterpart should be in every PC Pilots flight sim library and especially in your collection of Asian flight sim titles.

*Note – screenshots feature the FSX version


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