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Fly to New York for Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the newest American titles in FlightSoft’s new line of extensive addons for the franchise. FlightSoft’s Fly to New York is a breathtaking new adventure in the flight sim genre. The ambitious New York title features the most popular U.S. airlines in the DC10 jetliner type featuring spectacular visual models that are meticulously rendered with many eye-candy popping features.

FlightSoft’s vast library of flight scenarios will put you in the cockpit of famous U.S. airlines during takeoffs, arrivals and a vast array of approaches under the most challenging weather conditions to help you realize the most accurate simulation of real world conditions during final approach to New York’s landmark airports and airports throughout the Northeast corridor of the United States.

FlightSoft’s Fly to New York FSX and FS2004 is an exhilarating title of immense features and unbounded opportunities to experience flight in the `Big Apple’ in all seasons summer, fall, winter and spring. This brilliant title provides the flight sim enthusiast with a genuine thoroughbred of a product workhorse. You’ll fly some of the most extraordinary approaches in the world including some unbelievable over water approaches and descend below clouds to transition to the final approach phases of your flights to J.F.K. International Airport in New York. JFK International is an airport of massive size and the hub of an immense corridor along the east coast of flights coming and going both domestic and international. You’ll experience the excitement and thrill of a lifetime while descending over cloud cover and experience some windshear and low level turbulence the aircraft gets buffeted around abit but you’ll view the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean as you negotiate the various turns and descents during various phases of the Standard Arrival Route and experience the brilliance of the final approach view out the cockpit window there it is … JFK International Airport a giant figure in the background with lots of real estate and the most modern airfield aviation technologies in the world.

You’ll fly the approach and experience the thrill of a perfect landing at J.F.K. International then you’ll be flying the approach to other New York and New Jersey airports including Newark International Airport (New Jersey) and La Guardia Airport. The approaches are breathtaking with classic scenery unfolding before your eyes including a beautiful fly over Central Park, the Empire State Building and even Lady Liberty on the right … yes the flight over the Big Apple is a thrilling example of what awaits you on FlightSoft’s Fly to New York for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

The approach to La Guardia Airport is also one of the most thrilling approaches in aviation as the airport requires flight over water and the combination of windshear, low level turbulence and cross winds make this approach your seat of the pants experience and the runway lengths require immediate application of Reverse Thrust to slow down the jetliner before end of the runway. All the approaches to La Guardia and J.F.K. International Airport are seat of your pants thrilling roller coaster type approaches with excitement and unexpected turbulence at just the unexpected moment requiring utmost concentration to perform your tasks with admiration and professionalism to safely land the jetliner and bring passengers to the docking gate for the arrival procedures. FlightSoft’s Fly to New York FSX will take you all along the northeast corridor of the United States including numerous approaches to New York airports, the airports of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts including Logan International Airport and Hanscom Field in Bedford.

You’ll fly some of the busiest airways in the north east corridor of the United States. The airports are truly busy and the views outside the cockpit window are spectacular on approach to Boston’s Logan International Airport you’ll even fly over Revere Beach and Winthrop for a scenic approach to runway 22L. Fly to New York builds on the themes of other titles in our North American Collection including FlightSoft’s Fly to California and Fly to Chicago titles. All these products build on the themes of immense airport facilities with all the modern aviation and airport technologies including runway lighting systems and how to utilize the marvels of modern aviation as tools for completing the final approach phase of your flights.

Yes … you won’t have time to rest much as the busy cockpit environment will keep you on your toes from the moment the flight approaches start right down to the parking gate. There is also a sub theme of weather and its related anomalies as you experienced in the `Windy City’ product entitled: Fly to Chicago. The unpredictability of fast moving weather changes will encourage you to monitor closely your cockpit instruments as New York’s and other Norteast U.S. destination airports are fully equipped with CAT II and CAT III ILS systems and the runway lighting is amongst the most advanced and impressive in the aviation business.

FlightSoft brings you on an exciting journey offering you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways connecting one airport with another in New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston and Bedford, Massachusetts. FlightSoft has prepared a comprehensive library of automated approach flights to this region’s Mega Airports with a focus on the choices and decisions pilots make when intercepting the localizer and glideslope on descent and capture of the ILS to complex and very long runways often necessary for jumbo jetliners when approaching the Northeast Corridor’s hub airports.

Fly to New York will engage you in the theatre of aircraft traffic on runways and taxiways because once you land safely at a large airport like J.F.K. International Airport you’ll want to navigate the large umbrella of taxiways and cross runways to the ramp. The Jetways are waiting for you and often as in real life it could take 20 minutes or more to arrival at the passenger terminals.
Fly to New York FSX will place you in the airline captain’s `zone’ while the jumbo jetliners you choose to navigate the airways offer you with the knobs and gauges to precisely fly the big beast and impress your self and your passengers with the finesse and skill you can muster in landing a large jumbo jetliner to some of the busiest and congested airports in the world.

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