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Version 2 now supports FSX Boxed Edition, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1.4 and Prepar3D v2.x and Prepar3D v3.0 in one super-installer!

FlightSoft’s newly designed American Jetliners Collection will immerse you in the experience of flying many of the popular U.S. airliners to all the cities and urban airfields in California plus a glass cockpit panel with rich and robust MD10 (FSX) DC10 (FS2004) features yet easy to use for all your flying maneuvers and approach exercises to airport destinations in California.

FlightSoft’s FLY TO CALIFORNIA will take you to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Freemont, Irvine, Glendale, San Bernadino, Pomona, Santa Clarita, Oceanside, Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Palmdale, Santa Clara, San Mateo and the list goes on and one. This is a truly spectacular new title from FlightSoft packed with exciting rendezvous to all the major airfields and small airports in California. This is one of the largest titles in FlightSoft’s portfolio for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlightSoft’s Fly to California FSX and FS2004 is an immense title with vast features a breathtaking product of great destinations and the airlines that fly to these immensely popular destinations. Fly to California FSX and FS2004 is all about the locations imagine flying to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Palm Springs, Oakland, Camp Pendleton, Monterey Peninsula, the Mojave Desert, Long Beach and much much more! You’ll fly to California and experience some of the most thrilling approaches to airports large and small including San Francisco International Airport including a complete CAT III near zero zero approach to Los Angeles International Airport. FlightSoft’s Fly to California FSX and FS2004 will provide you with the most sophisticated Instrument Landing System technologies and runway lighting guidance system and you’ll need them as LAX and often San Francisco International Airports are often surrounded and engulfed in fog and low visibility. The winds off the ocean at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will provide the kinds of approach challenges that combine the more difficult airports arrivals with those of CAT II and CAT III ILS approaches that await pilots in the more sophisticated airfields. The heart of this product is the very well thought out and brilliantly designed approach flights with all the real weather anomolies and ocean and mountain wind effects that make Fly to California one of the most challenging products you’ll ever experience complete with the type of ocean and lake type effects that engage every flight sim customer that has ever purchased this product. It’s all about the way you handle crosswinds and navigate the skies during real world weather including rain and sleet and more often than not low level turbulence just as you disengage the autopilot on short final and manually take controls of the aircraft. The airports of California are brilliant examples of modern aviation at its zenith. San Francisco International Airport is one of the most extraordinary achievements in the history of modern aviation. Fly to California FSX and FS2004 will bring you to airports that will challenge you and force you to utilize all the extraordinary skills pilots keep in their toolkit as they fly into some of the world’s most modern airport facilities and ones that come with every imaginable runway lighting system and ILS technologies. You’ll fly to these airports with some of the most popular American airlines and an impressive MD10 cockpit with a comprehensive autopilot system, GPS and real world sounds. The sunsets in California on a warm summer day can be spectacular and will bring your flight approaches the kind of distinction that will live long in your memory. In fact, if you make use of some of the automated approach flights in this product you’ll learn how to properly fly approaches to San Diego International Airport and a visual approach to the Mojave Desert plus fabulous approaches to Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland’s fabulous over water approaches and much more. This product affords you the rare opportunity to learn the mechanics of flying and the MD10 Autopilot Systems afford you great technology but don’t pass up opportunities to practice your hand flying skills during visual flight conditions these may be particularly appropriate when on approach to the airports at Palm Springs or Camp Pendleton.

Now supports FSX Boxed Edition, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1.4 and Prepar3D v2.x and Prepar3D v3.0 in one super-installer

Note: The included aircraft require components from FSX be on your system. To install this into Prepar3D you MUST have either FSX Boxed or FSX Steam Edition installed.


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