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FLY TO ALASKA will include the AMERICAN JETLINERS COLLECTION a large assortment of the most popular airliners in the United States with brilliantly crafted DC10 WideBody Jetliners and a beautifully crafted MD10 panel with liveries as diverse as United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and much much more!

The product includes the most sophisticated automated approach flights to Alaska including ALLAKALET, FAIRBANKS, ANCHORAGE, HOT SPRINGS, DELTA JUNCTION, CROSSWIND LAKE, DILLINGHAM, ENGLISH BAY, CAMDEN BAY, CAMP SIMPSON AND much much more!

FlightSoft’s Fly to Alaska FSX and FS2004 is an exhilirating title of immense features with flights to a wilderness area of the United States that is truly a mythic place of natural beauty and yet grand and immense. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on the planet a place of immense size and pristine natural landscapes. FlightSoft’s Fly to Alaska FSX and FS2004 brings you on an unbelievable journey to a state with lots of mountain wilderness and immense areas of water, snow capped mountains and a variety of airfields from the most modern International Airports to small airfields for the general aviation enthusiast. You’ll fly into Anchorage International Airport and Fairbanks International Airports. These airports come equipped with all the navigation aids and runway guidance systems that you expect from major airports in North America. Moreover, you’ll also fly into smaller airfields in general aviation aircraft including Dillingham, English Bay, Delta Junction, DeadHorse, Camp Simpson, Circle Hot Springs and much much more!

You’ll really learn a lot about manual flying with the general aviation aircraft utilized for your flight exercises including short field landings and even soft field landings. The MD10 jetliner experience, however, will provide you with the excitement and thrill of a lifetime while descending under cloud cover and you experience the severe lake effect winds including severe windsheer causing a drop in altitude along with some low level turbulence the aircraft gets buffeted around abit but you’ll view the beauty of Alaska from a high altitude like never before this is truly a state of immense natural wildlife and natural beauty. The way you negotiate the various turns and descents during various phases of the Standard Arrival Route and experience the brilliance of the final approach view out the cockpit window you’ll view the raw beauty of Alaska on final approach to Anchorage International Airport and the approaches to Fairbanks International Airport will leave you breathless.

These airports provide your jumbo jetliner with plenty of real estate to maneuver around and the cold air will keep you wide awake as you view the immense real estate … this is a truly huge place and the large airports in Anchorage and Fairbanks come fully fully equipped with CAT II and CAT III ILS systems and the runway lighting is brilliantly rendered for an impressive final approach … just try the approaches at dusk or dawn and you’ll immediately be impressed by the bright lights on the runways.

FlightSoft brings you on an exciting journey offering you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways connecting Anchorage and Fairbanks and flying either on a jumbo jetliner or in a general aviation aircraft to Alaska’s most famous airports including Anchorage International Airport, Fairbanks International Airport, Delta Junction, Dillingham, English Bay, DeadHorse, Camp Simpson, Circle Hot Springs and much much more! Fly to Alaska FSX and FS2004 will engage you in the theatre of aircraft traffic on runways and taxiways because once you land safely at a large airport like Anchorage or Fairbanks you’ll want to navigate the large umbrella of taxiways and cross runways to the ramp. The Jetways are waiting for you and often as in real life it while to the passenger terminal. These airports are busy as lots of International traffic flies here before proceeding to Asia.

Fly to Alaska FSX will place you in the airline captain’s `zone’ while the jumbo jetliners you choose to navigate the airways offer you all the knobs and gauges to precisely fly the big beast and impress your self and your passengers with the finesse and skill you can muster in landing a large jumbo jetliner and small general aviation aircraft to the remarkable airports in Alaska … it is a wild wilderness place ideal for PC Pilots who want to fune tune their flying skills and impress their colleagues and friends. `

*Note – screenshots feature the FSX version


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