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FLY TO AFRICA FS2004 includes the EUROPEAN JETLINERS Collection with the MD10 (FSX) and DC10 (FS2004 version) including British Airways, AOM French Airlines, Laker Airways, Scandinavian, Lufthansa, Condor, KLM Royal Dutch Airways, DAS Air Cargo, Alitalia, Swissair plus select African airlines and FEDEX MD10 Cargo.

The product includes the most sophisticated automated approach flights to Africa including the CONGO, SOUTH AFRICA, MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, GHANA, NIGERIA, BURUNDI, CAPE TOWN, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

FlightSoft’s Fly to Africa FSX and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is an exhilirating new title from the FlightSoft Archives. Fly to Africa FSX and FS2004 is a massive add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ll fly you not only to all the major airports and airfields in Africa but visit some of this continent’s most sought after holiday destinations. This product is a truly massive title its real estate is large by any standard and the immense range and variety of features makes this title an absolute must in a customer’s flight sim library.

The vast library of approach flights is impressive and you’ll be flying to Africa’s most extraordinary airports like Cape Town, Botswana, Burundi, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sudan, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Namibia and much much more! Some of the popular African airfields are often without ILS or other advanced navigation aids. This product represents the opportunity to manually hand fly the jetliner and your approaches to airfields in Africa will provide you with various learning curve opportunities.

The major African airports will provide the astute PC pilot with exposure to all kinds of approaches and flight conditions including the complete gamut of Instrument Landing Systems CAT I, CAT II and some airfields even include a CAT III IFR approach. Ofcourse, airports with CAT III approaches are exceptional airfields and one can certainly find aviation rich technology airport facilities for both your general aviation flights and those times when you’re flying a jumbo jetliner.

FlightSoft’s Fly to Africa FSX and FS2004 brings you on an unbelievable exotic journey to holiday destination airports on the African continent. These famous African destinations include airports from the simplest airfields with a simple NDB navigation beacon and approach plates that are primitive in substance to the most complex mega airports like the ones in South Africa like Cape Town International Airport or O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg South Africa. These South African airports come equipped with all the navigational aids and runway guidance avionics systems that you would certainly expect from the largest and busiest airports in Africa. These airports provide your jumbo jetliner with plenty of real estate to maneuver around and the dry hot South African summers will keep you on your toes as you fly your final approach to O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa or try manual flying for simpler airfields up north with a simple NDB or VOR/DME approach profile.
Just try the approaches at dusk or dawn and you’ll immediately be impressed by the impressive configuration of bright lights on the runways bringing your aircraft down the invisible glideslop right for a touchdown on the numbers of the ILS runway. FlightSoft brings you on an exciting journey offering you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways of Africa from Namibia to Ghana or the Sudan to Ethiopia, or Botswana to Barundi and much much more! We’ve not even touched the surface of possibilities. FlightSoft’s massive library of Approach Flights to the African airports and airfields is one of the largest compendiums assembled for flight sim students to test their flight skills on approach to these fabulous airfields.

FlightSoft’s Fly to Africa FSX and FS2004 will place you in the airline captain’s `zone’ while the jumbo jetliners you choose to navigate the airways including Ghana Airways and Zambia Airlines will offer you all the knobs and switches you’ll ever need to precisely fly the `big birds’ and impress your self and your passengers with all the finesse and skill you can muster in landing a large jumbo jetliner at South Africa’s Cape Town International Airport. This is the kind of product that appeals to a diverse group of flight simmers … if you love manually flying the aircraft and enjoy those simple airfields in South America, Latin America or some of the Islands off of Greece then you’ll love Fly to Africa FSX or its counterpart for FS2004.

This is an ideal product for the PC Pilot who want to fine tune his/her flying skills and impress fellow PC Pilots, colleagues and friends. ` FlightSoft’s Fly to Africa FSX and FS2004 is your ticket to the exotic African Holiday Vacation of your dreams and by all means enjoy your flights to Swaziland, Uganda and Senegal … our extensive library of flight approaches will acquaint you with every nook and cranny of flying the African Bush Airports or the Mega Airfields of South Africa, Namibia and beyond.

*Note – screenshots feature the FSX version


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