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Date Added: FEB-27-2023
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Snuggled deep in the interior of the Great State of Alsaka, Fairbanks offers a multitude of scenic and routine flights, delivering much needed supplies to far reaching villages and also offering a scenic destination for those in the lower 48.

Spending much of the time during the winter months covered in snow, Fairbanks is also a haven for summertime tourists looking for a beautiful escape when the the green landscapes become visible from under the cold snow and ice.

Featuring the 2 major runways, Fairbanks also has a snow/gravel runway for small aircraft seeking to depart quickly.

The lake in the center of the airport is also host to numerous floatplane operations. you can choose to depart the water runway directly from the fs menu, or choose the starting point 21 to start your flight beginning in a open hangar on the general aviation side of the airport.

The interior of the Terminal has also been modeled to add to this comprehensive and immersive simulation.

Much care has been taken to assure the absolute highest standard of reconstruction of every single building on the grounds. The airport has been optimized to the highest level of standards in the fs SDK, giving amazing frame rates and no issues with even the most complex aircraft. We hope you enjoy you time in Fairbanks, what a beautiful place to fly!

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