Emerald Scenery Design – Shump And Chunilna Creek Airstrip


Publisher: Emerald Scenery Design
Date Added: Sep-03-2021
Updated: Jun-08-2022
Version: 1.0.1
File Size: 1.7 GB

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Shump & Chunilna Creek Airstrip, are two back-country Alaska bush strips with their own unique set of challenges.

This duel airstrip scenery includes 353 km² of 60, 15, and 7 cm/px seasonal photoreal ground textures, which have been colored for Orbx openLC North America. A high resolution 10-meter terrain mesh has also been included for those who do not use our (freeware) Alaskan Mesh Project series, as well as hand-placed native vegetation (including selectable winter textures), all custom models, and so much more!

SODE has been utilized in this scenery to bring many environmentally-dynamic features including rain puddles, ambient sounds, windsocks, and more!


  • 60, 15, and 7 cm/px photoreal ground textures, covering over 353 km²
    • Seasonal textures, including frozen water during Winter.
  • 10-meter terrain mesh.
    • Compatibility for the Alaskan Mesh Project!
  • Hand-placed, native vegetation.
    • Includes LODs for improved performance, and configurable winter variations.
  • Custom airport buildings, cabins, and various clutter models.
    • HD 2k and UHD 4k textures, including winter variations, and LODs for improved performance!
  • A configurator, allowing you to enable or disable multiple scenery elements, as well as swap between seasonal model variations.
  • Uneven/sloped runways for that authentic back-country experience!
  • Reworked water vector to blend with default and Orbx Vector, as well as correcting dozens of lake elevations in the coverage area.
  • 5 lakes with docks for floatplane operations, including several more remote, challenging lakes to land at.
  • Multiple off-airport landing locations, including multiple gravel bars along a stretch of the Susitna River (West side of the coverage area).

Environmentally-Dynamic Features Utilizing SODE

SODE is used to control a few different environmentally-dynamic features in the scenery.

  • Windsocks – 4 levels of animation are provided (No wind, Low, Medium & High).
  • Rain Puddles – Appear only when raining (Features brand new models/textures, created just for this project).
  • Ambient Audio – Currently includes sounds for 4 native Bird species, night ambient, and a few other immersive sounds triggered during various environmental states.
  • Morel Mushrooms – Look for Morel Mushrooms popping up around the airstrips from May to July. But keep a keen eye out, as they can be quite difficult to spot!


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v2.5, v3, v4, or v5.
  • At minimum, 1.93 GB of free space (uncompressed) plus 1.57 GB (installer).
  • The latest build of our Emerald Object Library

Changelog v1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where SODE features were no longer working
  • Installer QoL improvements:
    • Fixed an issue where the Configurator would throw an error if the installer was exited before the scenery activation process completed
  • Updated 29Palms Configurator

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