Eaglesoft – Cirrus SR22 GTSX Turbo Extreme V2 for FSX/P3Dv3


Publisher: Eaglesoft
Date Added: Nov-19-2019
Version: 2
File Size: 52.9 MB

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Eaglesoft Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo Extreme Generation Two sets the new standard for realistic general aviation aircraft which rely on a complex and fully functional navigation and display capabilities. Eaglesoft SR22GTSX Turbo contains dual Garmin GNS 430s and GMA 340 audio panel and Garmin GTX 330 transponder, which is Vatsim/FS Inn compatible along with an STEC 55X autopilot/flight director system which is fully capable of flying any Microsoft Flight Simulator flight plan based on the FS2004/FSX Database. Fully functional Cirrus Airframe Parachute System [CAPS].

Aircraft Feature List

  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System [CAPS]
  • Accurate and finest quality virtual cockpit
  • Multiple high quality Cirrus G2 liveries included
  • Accurate wing views from the luxurious cockpit
  • Animated pilot
  • Accurate animated control surfaces
  • Accurate and extremely realistic Cirrus flight dynamics
  • Accurate animation of passenger doors and cargo door
  • Accurate Continental 10-550- N turbo normalized engine
  • Accurate and finest quality model using Gmax Studio techniques
  • Accurate systems modeling of electrical, flaps, fuel, TCAS, oxygen
  • Accurate reflective textures, dynamic shine, luxurious night lighting
  • Truly immersive sound experience based on real world Cirrus Turbo sounds

Cockpit Feature List

  • Exclusive: Includes Widescreen 1680X1050 2D Panels
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft Dual Garmin GNS 430s and GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft Garmin GTX 330 Transponder, Vatsim/FS Inn Compatible
  • Exclusive: Improved 2D and VC panel with two Avidyne “Horizontal Screens”
  • Exclusive: Dynamic and accurate Avidyne Entegra Avionics 6.0 Software Suite
  • Exclusive: Eaglesoft STEC 55X Autopilot/Flight Director system w/Flight Director
  • Exclusive: Mindstar Avidyne Entegra Integration for licensed Mindstar owners!
  • Exclusive: Mindstar Garmin GNS 530 and 430 2D Integration for licensed Mindstar owners!
  • Exclusive: Flight One Garmin GNS 650 and 750 2D/VC integration for licensed F1 owners!

Special Feature List

  • Exclusive: Cirrus Airframe Parachute System [CAPS]
  • Preflight Utility Feature List
  • Exclusive: Supports toggle for Tinted VC Glass and Exterior zoom factor
  • Exclusive: Supports saved “Eye Candy” as Safety Cones, Tie Downs, Luggage
  • Support and Documentation Feature List
  • Exclusive: Dedicated Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo Support Forums
  • Exclusive: Documentation in PDF Format from Desktop Shortcut
  • Exclusive: Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo Repaint Kit to create your own favorite livery


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