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Publisher: Drzewiecki Design
Date Added: Oct-02-2018
Updated: May-15-2020
Version: 1.7
File Size: 2.3 GB

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Updated Installer Supports X-Plane 11 though 11.50b6.

NOTE: We do not support X-Plane 10 any longer. This product is X-Plane 11 only!

Warsaw City XP is a sophisticated scenery package, featuring a highly detailed scenery of Warsaw city in Poland with surrounding airports. This product is compatible with X-Plane 11.

Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula (Wisla) River, roughly 260 kilometers (160 mi) from the Baltic Sea and 300 kilometers (190 mi) from the Carpathian Mountains. Its population is estimated at 1,708,491 residents within a greater metropolitan area of 2,666,278 residents, making Warsaw the 9th most populous city proper in the European Union. The area of the city covers 516.9 square kilometers (199.6 sq mi), while the city’s agglomeration covers 6,100.43 square kilometers (2,355.39 sq mi). Warsaw is a major international tourist destination and an important economic hub in Central Europe. It is also known as the “phoenix city” because it has survived many wars throughout its history. Most notably, the city had to be painstakingly rebuilt after the extensive damage it suffered from World War II, during which 85% of its buildings were destroyed.

Warsaw City XP makes it possible for you to fly over an extremely large area of Warsaw city. We have included a high quality photoreal ground textures of about 5000 square kilometers. The city center has hundreds of custom buildings modeled, there are all VFR-important landmarks on the whole included area too. We have also created 14 variously detailed airports and heliports for the project:

  • Modlin EPMO – a base for low-cost carriers, with 2500m concrete runway and a modern terminal
  • Babice EPBC – the largest GA airport in Poland with a massive traffic and a 1300m concrete runway, located close to the center of the city
  • Chrcynno/Nasielsk EPNC – one of the oldest airports around Warsaw, currently being used by ultralights, paragliders and skydivers
  • Sobienie EPSJ – a modern, private airstrip constructed as a part of a luxury housing estate and a golf course
  • Goraszka EPGO – constructed in 1994; International Air Picnics were organized at that airport for many years; unfortunately this airport will be replaced by a shopping mall soon.
  • Konstancin-Jeziorna – a private airport owned by an aircraft dealing company
  • Konstancin Heliport – a private, nicely located modern heliport with a hangar for two Robinsons
  • Reczaje (lite) – a small private grass runway with one tiny hangar
  • Kroczewo (lite) – a former military airport – for the last few years the small grass runway is used by private ultralights and paragliders
  • Trebki Nowe (lite) – a small grass runway next to a farm, used by paragliders; very close to Kroczewo airport
  • Wincentow 1 (lite) – an unregistered private airport, used mainly by paragliders and ultralight trikes
  • Wincentow 2 (lite) – an unregistered private airport, used mainly by paragliders and ultralight trikes, very close to Wincentow 1
  • Abia Wola (lite) – 440m grass runway surrounded by trees, difficult final approach with a lot of turbulences


  • Please uninstall all other sceneries of all included airports before proceeding.
  • Windows installer is fully automatic, Mac/Linux version requires a very easy manual install.

Scenery Features

  • Fully compatible with X-Plane 11
  • 13 airports – from a tiny heliport to an international airport
  • 5000 sq km photorealistic area of Warsaw city, perfect for IFR/VFR training
  • Hundrieds of photorealistic buildings from the city center, including famous landmarks, bridges, stadiums etc.
  • OSM and custom-made autogen for the whole area
  • HDR X-Plane native lighting
  • Roads with car traffic and railroads with train traffic
  • EPWA Chopin Airport is not included

Changes in Version 1.6

  • issues with EPWA compatibility fixed

Changes in Version 1.5

  • Upgraded Warsaw city autogen
  • Better HDR lighting at most airports
  • XP11 native EPMO airport aprons with reflections
  • Sobienie airport is back in the scenery
  • The new city bypass shown west of EPGO airport
  • New buildings added in the downtown
  • Ugly smoke effect removed
  • Many minor fixes here and there

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Updated compatibility with EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport XP
  • Updated autogen and some other minor bugs

Changes in Version 1.1

  • Updated autogen data of the city
  • Updated Modlin and Babice charts and the manual



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