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Countryside Aircraft Design – MD DC 10-30 Cargo for X-Plane 11


Publisher: Countryside Aircraft Design
Date Added: Nov-15-2019
Updated: Jul-16-2020
Version: 2.0
File Size: 728 MB

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Give me a minute to write some words about the cockpit panel. Because there had been trouble about the configuration. Due to my researches about this fascinating aircraft I met retired DC 10 pilots and aircraft mechanics, I looked for literature and Web pages to find a clear answer to the question which cockpit layout is the correct once. And yes, indeed, the only correct layout for exact this DC 10-30 is the complete analog one! Now some of you may disagree because they saw so many pictures of a glass cockpit titled “DC 10-30”. This is wrong and a hard error of the author/photographer! Why? Because this glass cockpit layout is manufactured by Boeing after they bought McDonnell Douglas in 1996. The three person layout of the DC 10 was a very big reason for customers not to buy this aircraft because of the costs. And that’s why Boeing’s first action with this plane was to retrofit it with a 2 person cockpit and call this aircraft “MD 10” from now on. And the only customer they found for this aircraft was Federal Express. 3 of them still are operated by FEDEX in 2020.

  • All Flight control instruments are animated, animated 3D switches
  • Checklist Chart of V-Speeds
  • Gear doors work like with a real plane Gears are damped
  • FMC Autopilot TCAS/GPWS
  • A Flight Engineers Place
  • FUEL Controls
  • Flight deck for the flight engineer
  • Pressurization
  • Animated doors for pax, cargo and flight crew/cockpit
  • APU
  • Flaps/Slats
  • All NAV Instruments animated
  • Reverse Power
  • All textures are designed with high end software, latest NVIDIA ® tool. Physically Based rendered Textures in 4K quality.
  • FuelDump + Fire fighting
  • New designed instrument textures
  • Lighting – Logo light, Cargo compartment, cockpit, instruments, runway, taxi and landing light
  • Front gear steers for taxiing
  • Speed brakes/Spoilers
  • Fully animated levers for the flight controls

4 K PBR textures, own sounds, brings stairs and a high loader to you, modern nav support if you like, and more.


  • File size 750 MB
  • Intel/AMD Processor
  • Not less then 16 GB RAM and graphics adapter with 8 GB VRAM
  • Windows 10 only
  • X-Plane 11.41, works best with 11.50 latest Beta, experimental flight model and “use Vulkan driver for faster rendering” checked

Change Log

  • The whole fuselage
  • Elevator changed to Pendulum elevator
  • New gears and gear doors
  • Smoother wings and flaps, slats
  • New windshield and windows
  • New or better fuse panels/circuit brakes
  • New designed overhead panel
  • New designed pilot seats
  • Optimized support for 1 pilot flying
  • All gauges are new designed
  • Better yokes
  • Yokes hide able
  • New sounds
  • The cowlings of the engines can be opened
  • Radar nose to be opened
  • Stairs for the flight team
  • A highloader is part of the package
  • New PBR textures in the cockpit
  • Re Designed flight engineers place
  • On board normal checklist
  • New documentation
  • All levers and handles are new
  • New pedals
  • New ground in the cockpit
  • New walls in the cockpit
  • New radio section in the pedestal
  • All three engines are reverser engines now


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