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Publisher: ContrailSim
Date Added: Nov-20-2020
Version: 1.0.0
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Transform the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with all-new seasonal vegetation that brings even more authenticity to the simulation experience.

Seasonal Vegetation for MSFS will make the simulator even more beautiful and fitting with the current autumnal climate. Complete global coverage: fly over cities, towns and forestry landscapes in a brand-new way from within the simulator, all with zero impact on your frame rate or performance.

Many hours of development and testing have gone into creating this brand-new product, which will be supported with free updates over time.

Feature List

  • Brings Autumn/Fall to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Transforms all types of vegetation in the simulator to match autumnal colours in the world
  • Impacts all types of vegetation in the simulator on a global level
  • Improves levels of autogen in various locations in the world
  • Free updates in the future (roadmap being revealed soon)
  • No impact on frame rates or performance



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