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Date Added: Jun-03-2021
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Now you have a reason to fly to the Caribbean. Located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a tropical, beautiful place, surrounded by green vegetation, coast with the Caribbean blue sea.

MDSD usually receives a wide variety of long-, mid- and short-haul aircraft, airliners, charter, cargo, and military missions’ flights.

The airport is the second busiest in the country after losing its traffic frequency to Punta Cana International Airport, yet it is one of the largest in the Caribbean, handling 3.5 million passengers in 2017 through its air terminal. And is also the busiest cargo hub in the Caribbean and Central America with 405,000,000 lbs. of cargo (this is a lot for a small location) transported in 2020. For its size and location, it is a busy airport.

Airlines which routinely fly to MDSD:

Air Antilles
Air Caraïbes
Air Europa
Air France
Air Santo Domingo
American Airlines
Avior Airlines
Copa Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Eastern Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Iberia Madrid
InterCaribbean Airways
LASER Airlines
Nordwind Airlines
Sky High
Spirit Airlines
Sunrise Airways
United Airlines
WingoCargo Airlines:
Amerijet International
Avianca Cargo
UPS Airlines


  • The only and most realistic depiction of the real airport available online.
  • Hundreds of original handmade (redone for the MSFS version) custom textures to avoid repetition. As well as new clutter models that represent the brand that operates the airport services.
  • Lighting throughout the entire airport scenery
  • Static and historical aircraft
  • Terminal A includes boarding interior
  • Custom runway and ground textures
  • Surrounding area with specific autogen vegetation to match real life
  • Free future updates (only on the sim is for)
  • PBR reflections on glass and on most clutter objects
  • Custom surrounding buildings before runway 17 and other areas
  • Many other details

Important: Asobo doesn’t support T-bridge jetways. Terminal 1 jetways won’t operate. (INOP)

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