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Date Added: Mar-26-2021
Version: 1.0
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The Most Dangerous Bush Trip is very different from other MSFS 2020 bush trips. It is flown VFR but is not mainly a VFR navigation exercise – it is a fun flying adventure. It is based on Susie Air, which operates in Papua (Indonesia). If you want to find out more about flying for the real Susie Air, YouTube has a number of films on the subject including a documentary series called “The Most Dangerous Place to be a Pilot”.

Susie Air flies to dirt strips in the mountains of central Papua. These strips are built on mountain slopes and they do not need to be as long as level strips. Susie Air uses the Pilatus PC-6 Porter for mountain strip operations but this is not available in the simulator. The trip is flown with the Cessna Grand Caravan (which Susie Air does use on other routes).

Two versions of the trip are available with different weather presets – few clouds or scattered clouds. Scattered clouds presents a far more interesting challenge for experienced pilots. The trip requires flying over high mountains and if you fly though a cloud at such heights you will get windscreen icing which is difficult to get rid of. Descending is the only remedy but the melt takes a long time! So you may have to deviate to avoid the randomly generated clouds.

In this trip you will have plenty of opportunity to fly at tree top level along narrow tree lined valleys searching for your next destination. Most of these have difficult approaches which may require steep turns and steep dives. The landings are onto short airstrips up-hill and the takeoffs from the same short strips are downhill. Sometimes, the strips are only just long enough for the takeoff.

The product also includes a number of scenery enhancements. A vital missing airport is provided. Valleys are created for rivers that otherwise flow up and over large hills. Trees at the end of airstrips that would prevent landing and takeoff have been removed. If your ultimate aspiration is to fly big jets in ATC-sanitized air corridors this is probably not the adventure for you. If you like flying by the seat of your pants, welcome aboard and buckle up!

Sim Compatibility

Tested on Steam MSFS 2020 build I have no reason to think this will not work on any other version of MSFS 2020 but you may know different.

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.

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