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Publisher: AFS-Design
Date Added: Nov-29-2018
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Concept Gyro: Supersonic – Gyrocopter.
An autogyro, also known as gyroplane, gyrocopter, or rotaplane, is a type of rotorcraft that uses an unpowered rotor in autorotation to develop lift, and an engine-powered propeller, similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft, to provide thrust. An autogyro is characterized by a free-spinning rotor that turns because of the passage of air through the rotor from below. The vertical (downward) component of the total aerodynamic reaction of the rotor gives lift for the vehicle, and sustains the autogyro in the air. A separate propeller provides forward thrust, and can be placed in a tractor configuration with the engine and propeller at the front of the fuselage, or pusher configuration with the engine and propeller at the rear of the fuselage. The 3 blades are oval shaped and can break the sound barrier and therefore has supersonic capability. Through a special design, this autogyro can hover for 30 sec allowing vertical takeoffs and landings.

Swing Concept: Rotor Swing – Helicopter.
Ultra-modern, futuristic helicopter that can transform into a jet. Here, the rotors transform into wings in jet mode. Thus it can take off vertically and fly twice the speed of sound. Three helicopter turbine engines with afterburners power the rotor swing.

New In Concept Aircraft – v4:

  • Sounds
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Afterburners
  • Swing wing
  • Landing lights
  • Extendable land skis including directional microphone
  • New rotor sensor (removable and retractable)
  • Door with rope winch for air rescue
  • Seat covers and new seats
  • Toilets, emergency seats.
  • HUD off switch
  • Switch cockpit
  • New cockpit instruments behind front seat,
  • Console with keyboard for the WSO


  • Concept Gyro: Supersonic – Gyrocopter
  • Concept Swing: Swing rotor – Helicopter
    • Model “Grey” with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
    • Model “Black” with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
    • Model “RED” with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
  • Advanced Dynamic Flight:
    • 0 to 50% thrust helicopter mode (you can fly in front, side and back)
    • 50 to 100% thrust helicopter (jet mode is controlled like a jet airplane)
  • Highly developed HUD display with MAP
  • Multifunction touchpad display
  • Animation of the opening of the weapon chamber
  • Animation of complex rotor mechanics with rotor disengagement
  • 2D panel / 3D panel with 1024×1024 textures
  • Detailed exterior and interior model, including window reflections
  • Cabin model: 6 seats
  • Complete door animations
  • Animation of opening the armory
  • Extensive light effects and exterior lighting
  • Beacon, Strobes, Nav, Landing, and Taxi Lights
  • Engine animation with authentic afterburner effect
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • And much more…


  • Old Concept Aircraft



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