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Date Added: Jan-21-2021
Updated: Jan-06-2022
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The airport of A Coruña has a 2,340 meters asphalt runway with orientation 034º/214º, which gives rise to runways 03 and 21. Runway 21 has VOR-DME, NDB and ILS CATII, runway 03 due to the proximity of a high mountain has no instrumental aid, so approaches to this runway are completely visual. The scenario has a detailed and realistic representation of the passenger terminal, all its buildings and hangars, the marks, numbers and parking spaces are placed by hand according to real life. Signal boxes, navigation elements such as ILS antennas and CAT II system are modeled by hand. Jetways are modeled according to real life, animated and operational for use at Gates 1 and 3, with a customized and realistic AFCAD that allows the proper operation of AI traffic and the use of the ATC simulator. This airport is a native construction and dedicated exclusively to MSFS, it is not a product inherited or transformed from another platform so it has native PBR materials and simulator night lighting. Features

  • The airport has a large number of land vehicles and work elements typical of Spanish airports and some exclusive to this airport.
  • The airport terrain is hand built to make a more realistic representation of its elevations and the retaining walls that are found both at the head of the runway and on the sides.
  • To make the approach to the airport more attractive, we have built customized buildings to populate the city like an old dismantled factory next to the Gadis supermarket and the buildings surrounding it.
  • All along the approach to runway 21 we have the Mudanzas Coruña building right at the beginning of the lighting and approach towers of this same runway.
  • A detailed representation of the seaport, its control tower, the San Antón Castle, its old hospital and the shopping center.
  • It could not miss the Stadium of Deportivo La Coruña and the tower of Hercules.

Changelog v1.1.3.0

  • Now includes the Hospital of A Coruna with its heliport and a helicopter parked.
  • New area of the port that includes the oil tanks.
  • Customized taxi Lights, modeled and textured according to a real one of the airport itself.
  • Taxi lines have been improved.

Changelog v1.1.4.0

  • New lights on the edges of the apron
  • New taxiway lights
  • Animated flags
  • Improved ground textures
  • More objects and new vehicles all over the airport
  • The Heliport of the Hospital of the city and the one of the civil guard of the airport are now operative to land

Changelog v1.5.0.0

  • New objects and scenes have been added
  • Heliports are now fully functional
  • Jetways now work correctly and there are no more problems with animations
  • Electrical towers encroaching on the runway header area have been removed
  • The advertising signs covering the control tower have been updated as in real life as of January 1, 2022

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