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The A330 is the bigger brother of the ubiquitous A320 series. Designed for long distance (or short haul large capacity) flights it is a common sight at most airports. Even though it is not the most modern aircraft, it still has all the characteristics of its smaller siblings. They are highly integrated and automated aircraft where the pilot is often just monitoring the complex systems. The Aerosoft A330 professional is a logical follow-up of our A320 series but you will find many systems are redone to a higher level of detail. The modeling and texturing are state of the art.

What remains is our dedication to the basic idea of the product. We simulate flying the aircraft and the aircraft’s systems are just a tool, not the goal. Using these products will bring flight simulation as close as possible to the experience of a real pilot – from interacting with the MCDU to opening the flight deck door using the correct procedure.

The project is a development for 64-bit platforms and uses the very latest of technology and compilers making it highly future proof and as light as possible on your system.

Before ordering this product we strongly suggest you check out our online release notes so you know the current state of this product.



  • Simulation of the A330 focused on the day to day operation of the aircraft from the left seat
  • The cockpit is equipped as it is with large airlines, with the most up to date instruments
  • Sublime modelling/texturing based on the latest technologies, very easy on frame rates
  • Full rain and rain repellent effects using TrueGlass (from TFDi Design)
  • Dozens of non-standard animations, all with sound effects (sunscreens, windows, tables, tiller, jump seat, standby compass, drooping flight surfaces etc.). All main doors and cargo hatches can be opened. Extensive options to show ground objects (cones, ground power etc.) and to provide ground power
  • Included web server that allows you to access (and use) the MCDU via any web browser; ideal for tablet computers
  • Includes an Electronic Flight Bag that gives access to flows, checklists, flight plans, documents and charts. You will see the aircraft on the chart making navigation a lot easier
  • Extensive manuals
  • Add-in View system: adds many pre-defined views for easy use, emulates 2D panel views
  • Add-in Sound system: adds hundreds of background sounds to enhance the immersion
  • Includes our Semi-Intelligent co-pilot that assist you in your flights and runs checklists and flows with you
  • Connected Flight Deck v2 that uses a server-based system making it very easy to join other pilots and to fly as Co-Pilot or Observer
  • Designed from the start with PBR technology for ALL textures


  • Fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems with flight envelope protection, stall protection, pitch and roll limiter, g-load limiter, over speed protection, Alpha Floor protection, auto trim
  • Fully custom autopilot systems, with full Cat III auto land, V/S, Managed CLB/DES, OP CLB/DES, heading and NAV modes; VNAV and LNAV included; FPA/TRK included
  • Fully custom thrust computer systems (FADEC), throttle with detents, FLEX take-off
  • Very complete MCDU (can be controlled via web browser, for example on tablet computers), also, information can be inserted using the keyboard
  • Flight plans supports SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches, go-arounds, holds, Managed climbs and descent, constraints, and direct-to route editing
  • VOR tracking implemented, DME arcs supported
  • Comes with NavDataPro (LIDO) navigation database but compatible with Navigraph. Includes current AIRAC Data at the time of release (so not a free outdated version) and this can be updated by the user at any moment
  • Complete FS2Crew Runway Awareness and Advisory System included (a €30 value!) – locked to these aircraft
  • 28 ECAM pages included, showing relevant aircraft information
  • Full features ADIR`s system
  • Full feature TCAS system (including audio warnings) for AI Traffic, IVAO, VATSIM
  • Full custom electrical bus system, with realistic battery run down and voltages
  • Navigation display with curved lines, de-cluttering, stopwatch, selected navaid, runway information, range change, mode change, stopwatch etc. Includes Terrain Display option
  • Full featured loading and refueling module (interfaced with the simulator) with advanced and simple mode
  • In cockpit printer functional to print out the information you need to keep on hand
  • Fully functional Weather Radar with Manual and Multiscan. Works with ANY weather add-on (and even without weather add-on) and reads the actual weather that is inserted in simulator. This is a unique development! It even shows ground clutter making the WX a navigation tool

Additional Features:

  • Tiller can be operated by additional axis.
  • Advanced brakes with realistic brake temperatures (modelling Goodrich Carbon brakes)
  • Engine models fully updated, highly accurate thrust, EPR, N1, N2, EGT, FF
  • Various background sounds from cabin crew, flight crew and ATC (optional)
  • View panel bar to easily switch between various 2D (11) and 3D views (16)
  • Contains in total 16 Checklists from COCKPIT PREPARATION to PARKING
  • Checklists mainly start automatic based on the flight situation p. e. the BEFORE TAKE CL automatically starts when plane reaches the runway holding point, DESCENT PREPARATION CL 9 NM from TOD etc
  • Orally spoken checklist items by the PF and confirmed by the PnF
  • Option included that the PnF also performs certain settings (gear up, flaps settings etc.) which are part of the checklists
  • Info bar displaying the next action
  • Ground services (toggle of external objects, chocks, pylons, ground power unit)
  • Doors control (controls all doors and hatches)
  • Tier 1 product for PMDG Global Flight Operations


  • 1 SAT antenna normal door:
  • 1 SAT antenna small door:
  • 2 SAT antennas small door:

System Requirements

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.5.x Hotfix 2
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) (older 64 bit versions not tested)
  • Processor: Intel Core™ i5 (i7 recommended) or AMD Ryzen 5 (Ryzen 7 recommended)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
  • Graphics card: 4 GB VRAM (DirectX 11), e.g. GeForce GTX 1050 (6 GB, GTX 1070 recommended)
  • Requires HDR setting to be active!
  • Control hardware (joystick) with rudder and throttle channels
  • Download-Size: 1.9 GB

Laptops are not recommended, unless they are gaming laptops that can sustain their performance without thermal throttling.

Before ordering this product we strongly suggest you check out our online release notes so you know the current state of this product!

Version Full new build

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with WebSimBrowser for the EFB not installing in some cases
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with CFD files that prevented the use of CFD
  • Bug Fix: Fixed TRUE HDG indication on the PFD

Changelog Full New Build

  • Bug Fix: Various small fixes in the checklists
  • Bug Fix: Various small fixes with CPDLC and DCDU
  • Bug Fix: Corrected the radial in line course
  • Bug Fix: Heading line was visible on LOC capture during radial in direct
  • Improvement: Added support for Thrustmaster TCA custom flaps and speedbrake lever mode (see forum announcement for additional details)
  • Improvement: ALT defaults to managed now on the panel states

Changelog Stable Release

  • Bug Fix: Possible fix for the MCDU freeze when using the CPDLC functions on DCDU
  • Bug Fix: Various fixes in the checklists
  • Improvement: Fuel planner figures adjusted

Changelog Stable Release

  • Bug Fix: Fixed the DCDU not working in some cases

Changelog Stable Release

  • NEW: Introducing CPDLC (ATSU ATC MENU & DCDU)
  • Bug Fix: Possible fix for EXT PWR not working in some cases then loading and aircraft state
  • Improvement: Disabled the function where toe brakes automatically released the parking brake
  • Improvement: Major improvements in the checklist and ViewFocus functions
  • (for further information about checklist changes check:

Changelog Full New Build

  • First P3D V5 release

Changelog Full New Build

  • Bug Fix: EFB folder path full unicode support to fix issue with special characters
  • Bug Fix: Dive issue when speed increased fixed
  • Bug Fix: Several issues with ECAM MEMO logic fixed
  • Bug Fix: Small fix for GSmini display
  • Bug Fix: OVHD reading light on CPT side could have stayed on partly when turning it on/off several times
  • Bug Fix: After setting altimeter to STD it might have happened that former QNH still was set on according ND altimeter while STD displayed on BARO selector
  • Bug Fix: If upper ECAM is switched off its content is correctly displayed on lower ECAM. But in this situation some drawings were scaled incorrect…
  • Bug Fix: Fix for park brk desync issue in CFD


  • Improvement: A/THR response adapted for better turbulence handling
  • Improvement: Added logic for FLEX setting
  • Improvement: Several small adjustments in ND like heading bug visible with preselected HDG on FCU
  • Improvement: Added logic for right MCDU to control right ND PLAN mode
  • Improvement: Several adjustments with STEP ALTS implementation
  • Improvement: Several speed flags and protection speeds and logics improved
  • Improvement: Multiple fixes in holdings line drawing
  • Improvement: COMs frequency spacing changed from 25kHz to now 8.33kHz

Please note that Connected Flight Deck in this version is not compatible with older versions.

Some of the manuals are shared with the smaller busses and show the A320 logo.

Version – Experimental (only full new build):

  • Bug fix: Small issues in CORTE selection and WIND pages
  • Bug fix: Spoiler inbalance issue solved
  • Bug fix: QNH decrepancy when inHg was selected solved
  • Bug fix: MCDU freeze issue solved
  • Bug fix: Auto trim now suits animations
  • Bug fix: Fixes in FPLN page on landing phase
  • Bug fix: Further fixes in DES page predictions
  • Improvement: Pacs logic improvement
  • Improvement: Engine start logic improvement
  • Improvement: FF and Brake indications better
  • Improvement: Added SID and Arrival to CFD sync
  • Improvement: Changes MCDU menu
  • Improvement: Fuel calculation
  • Improvement: LOW FUEL message added to ECAM
  • Improvement: Conditions to show rising runway
  • Improvement: Copilot now also adjusts FO BARO settings
  • Improvement: Timing start DESCENT PREP CL changed (starts 5 NM earlier)
  • Improvement: GSX-Pushback – Good Engine Start PF call added and call modified (no GSX confirmation necessary anymore)
  • Improvement: parking – Dome lights are automatically switched on, Cones are set and GPU-unit connected
  • Improvement: Breaks between various checks / settings added when aircraft is moving – during those breaks the standard VC view is called (looking outside)
  • Improvement: Timing Seatbelt Announcement CLIMB: Adapted to OVHD switch setting
  • Improvement: Aircraft.cfg – Views added and adapted to CL/ViewFocus
  • Improvement: ViewFocus now also works for ChasePlane users
  • Improvement: Cabin Crew Announcements – Cabin lights call during climb – Now also considers position of OVH light switch
  • Improvement: After GO-AROUND checklist now proceeds (CLIMB or NEW APPROACH)
  • Improvement: GSX2 implementation updated
  • Improvement: Mavigraph chart support added
  • Improvement: Minor changes to printout position and texture
  • Improvement: Changed default bag weight to 25 kg
  • Improvement: Avoiding issues with 3rd party replacement of default files (ohhh please, never do that….)
  • Improvement: Changes to fuel planner so users can edit amount and CG


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